Clash of Clans Breaking News: Introducing Clan Capital!


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This is a HUGE article that contains just released information. Please check back every few minutes because we are still adding more content and pictures!


  1. 1. Clan Capital
  2. 2. Districts
  3. 3. Ruins
  4. 4. Laboratories
  5. 5. Attacking the Clan Capital
  6. 6. Spells
  7. 7. Attack Area
  8. 8. Capital Army
  9. 9. Clan Capital Raids
  10. 10. Capital Gold and Raid Medals
  11. 11. Matchmaking

Get ready Clashers, the biggest Clash of Clans update ever is here!

Clan Capital

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The Clan Castle allows Clans to build and battle together.


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These are the districts of the Clan Capital. Each one is fortified with different defenses, and every District has a District Hall.

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Disctric Hall works the same as a Town Hall, unlocking new upgrade levels to Buildings, Traps and Troops in that District. You Upgrade them using your Capital Gold.

At the top of the mountain, there is the Capital Peak.

The Clan Capital is available as soon as you enter the Clan Capital. Each Capital has its own District Hall, which can be upgraded to unlock new Buildings and Districts.

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Leaders and co-leaders can personalize it by moving buildings.


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How do you use Capital Gold? Each ruin on the map unlocks a bundle of Buildings, Traps and Walls.

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Repairing Ruins and upgrading Buildings costs Capital Gold. Just tap on the building to donate Capital Gold to that ruin or building.

Can anyone in the Clan donate to any upgrade? Yes, it's all about building together.


There are no laboratories in the Clan Capital. Troops and Spells are unlocked by repairing certain Ruins.

The Capital Hall controls the maximum level of every District Hall. Each District Hall controls the max level of Buildings within its District. Upgrading enough in a district allows you to upgrade your Capital Hall.

Attacking the Clan Capital

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Attacking the Clan Capital can be massive and might take more than one attack to 3-star a District. As well as building together, players in the Clan Capital must battle together.

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Damage to buildings and defenses is permanent. This means that the damage is saved between each attack.


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Spells last longer in the Clan Capital. They will even remain on the battlefield between attacks. This means you can setup your own clanmates' attacks.

Attack Area

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Also, as each attack destroys more of the enemy's District, the deployment area expands.

Capital Army

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Every Clan member has access to Troops and Spells based on the Buildings the Clan has unlocked and leveled up. This means that everyone, from max players to brand new members can attack with the same troops and spells.

Players can also select their Capital Army without training time and cost.

Clan Capital Raids

Clan Capital Raids will happen every weekend.

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Each Clan member gets a set number of attacks to use over the Raid weekend. However, they can earn a bonus attack the first time they get a 3-star on a District.

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The final goal of the Raid is to destroy the Capital Peak. Once the Capital is 3-starred, the Raid is won.

When a Clan completes a Raid, it will automatically be put into the next matchmaking for the next one. Raids only stop when the weekend stops.

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The first Capital Raid will be available a little while after the update is released.

Capital Gold and Raid Medals

Players can loot that Gold from buildings during Raids. At the end of the Raid Weekend, Clan members will earn a new currency called Raid Medals.

They will be rewarded for each successful Raid, and for how well your own Capital defends against enemy attacks.

Raid Medals can be used to fill your own Clan Castle Troops, which means you don't have to wait for donations anymore. The Trader Shop will also accept Raid Medals.


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Matchmaking for Capital Raids is based on your Clan Capital progress.