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December 2020 Update Sneak Peek #1: Super Troops Changes & New Magic Item!


Sneak Peek: Super Troops Changes & New Magic Item!

Hello Clashers, the first Sneak Peek for the Christmas update is out, and it's about Super Troops and a brand new Magic Item!


  1. 1. Super Troop Changes
    1. 1.1. Boost Duration Reduced
    2. 1.2. Lower Cost
    3. 1.3. Two Troops at The Same Time
    4. 1.4. Regular + Super Troop
  2. 2. New Magic Item: Super Potion
  3. 3. Next Sneak Peek

Super Troop Changes

Boost Duration Reduced

Super Troop boost duration has been reduced from 7 days down to 3 days. Once you've boosted a Super Troop, you're no longer bound to that Super Troop for an entire week, allowing you to use different ones more frequently!

Lower Cost

With a shorter duration, come lowered costs! The Dark Elixir cost for boosting Super Troops has been reduced to 25,000 Dark Elixir for each Super Troop.

Two Troops at The Same Time

You can now boost up to TWO Super Troops at a time! That's right! Want to try that Super Witch + Super Wall Breaker combo without having to rely on Clan Castle donations? Now you can!

Regular + Super Troop

The normal version of a Troop can now be trained alongside their Super Troop version! Imagine the different attack strategies!

New Magic Item: Super Potion

Sneak Peek: Super Troops Changes & New Magic Item!

The Super Potion is a brand new Magic Item that lets you boost a Super Troop instead of spending the required Dark Elixir. Each Super Potion will boost a Super Troop for 3 days. Super Potions will be available as a reward from Clan Games, and will also sell at the Trader for 300 Gems.

Next Sneak Peek

This Sneak Peek came really early and based on the previous years, the Christmas update will probably come only on the second week of December. So hang in there, it might take a while to get the next Sneak Peek!