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The Future of Clash of Clans: Q&A with Community Manager Darian


2021 Reddit Ama

Hello Clashers, yesterday Darian, Clash of Clans Community Manager, did an "Ask me Anything" session on Reddit, answering many questions from the players.

He talked about the game future, Town Hall 14, Builder Base and much more.

Here are the most important questions, the complete AMA can be found on Reddit.

Q: will there be more Super Troops in the future and the big question will there be a Town Hall 14

R: There will definitely be more Super Troops in the future. We have quite a few of them planned out.

And yes, there will be a TH14. Likely this year. And there will be a TH15, 16, 17, 18, etc. in the future.

Q: Can we see more events like the Winter Challenge? It was really interesting and fun.

R: Yes! We will do more special events like that. It was incredibly popular and we had fun creating it.

Q: What are the plans for the future of the Builder's Base?

R: We don't have any concrete plans for new Builder Base content but it is something we discuss on the team. We just haven't come up with something we're absolutely in love with.

Q: Is there plans to bring in a new recruitment system or is sc still trying to better it?

R: Regarding the Recruitment Tool, I'll have to repeat something I said a while back.

First, the tool isn't developed by the Clash team. I don't say that to try and wipe our hands of any obligation to it, but it genuinely is something the Clash team has little control over.

However, with that said, regardless of who the tool is made by we have tried communicating with the community about its features, and even its shortcomings. But because of the nature of social media, online posts, etc. much of that gets lost hours after it's been posted.

One of the things we've repeatedly stated is that the Recruitment Tool suffers not from a lack of functionality but from a lack of transparency. The Recruitment Tool actually does a lot of the things behind the scenes that players feel there is a lack of control over. And because they don't see how those work, it can feel like it doesn't work like they expect it to. I'm not saying it's perfect - far from it. We know it could use some improvement, but the biggest area it could be improved on is helping people understand exactly how it works so people are a bit more confident in the searches it pulls up, or at least understand why it gets those results.

Q: Any plans to reduce cost/upgrade time? For me atleast 2-3 weeks for upgrades is getting slightly excessive and going further than that. I can’t imagine many players will be very excited to grind it out. Especially casual players.

R: As we add more content higher up (TH14, TH15, and beyond) we keep a very close watch on how long it takes for players to start from scratch and climb to max. We try to keep the ranges relatively similar so I would say it's a fair bet we'll adjust the upgrade times and costs in the future. In fact, that is a regular facet of the game that can be expected every so often. I can't say if it'll be once a year, or once every new TH level, but refactoring and rebalancing the costs and time are a regular part of that strategy.

Q: Any plans to add family clans features ? Like a way to add other clans to chat, white list/ black list players etc.

R: A Clan Alliance/Family feature has been on our wishlist for quite a few years. We simply haven't sat down to truly discuss what we want that feature to be. When we work on a new update, we have to prioritize what new features we're implementing and any additional content must thematically feel appropriate or can be fit in resource-wise (meaning time). Creating a Clan alliance feature should be more than just being able to cross chat and donate troops. That alone isn't worth reprogramming the multiplayer functionality of the game. An alliance system has to be meaningful in order to be something the players enjoy. But what that is, we still have yet to decide.

Q: Are you able to provide any details on what the priorities are/what is being worked on for 2021

R: Lots and lots of new content for 2021. Lots. And it is badass.

Q: Additionally, is SC still planning on using the 18 month period/range to release new th lvls or is 18 months just an approximation?

R: The 18 month period has never been a hard set limit. It's always been more of a guideline based on analyzing the data of how quickly players progress. We look at what percentage of players have reached max level, along with trying to predict what percentage of players will be maxed, or at least near maxed, by the time we release the new TH level.

It's been purely good timing that we were able to do TH13 18 months after the release of TH12. Future TH releases may come sooner than 18 months or may come later, wholly dependent on where the player base is, level-wise.

Q: Will we ever get a rewind button for replays? Not sure if it’s possible but it would be a small but incredible QoL improvement for many.

R: The challenge with this is that replays are not stored as videos. So you're not actually watching an actual "replay" of the match. The game stores your screen taps that you performed when you played your game. So when you watch a replay, you are actually watching a live version of the game where the AI is simply reproducing the same screen taps. Because the pathing algorithm and AI functions the exact same way, the system can recreate the same conclusion of the game every time.

So because you're watching the AI play the game using your screen taps, it can only go forward.

Q: If there'll be more than 100 buildings after TH14 update, how will % be calculated? What about bases that have the 6th builder compared to the bases that don't?

R: We won't hit the 100 building limit just yet so we still have some wiggle room left to go before we start needing to worry about it. But it is something we are worried about for when we finally do hit that limit. We haven't found a solution to how we want to address it, but it is something that comes up every time we start working on new content.

Q: How will the release of TH14 affect the timeline of World’s this year?

R: That's a good question that we're not quite ready to reveal just yet. :-)

Q: Will th14 have a hero? If so may you share any info about it(abilities, is it tanky, etc.)?

R: Any new TH14 content announcements will be shared when we're ready to share them.

Q: Do you guys plan on adding more achievements?

R: Yes!

Q: Will there be more single-player campaign levels as part of the next update or th14?

R: We really liked the Winter Challenge map and plan on doing more things like that in the future. However, we'd like players to remember that Clash is a multiplayer game and designed around that idea. Adding more single player content, while fun, minimizes that multiplayer aspect so it's not a primary focus of ours.

Q: When are we getting Builder Hall 10. Lot of people who are more competitive on B-base, but aren’t playing much because it’s the same old thing every season. We’re all feeling kinda forgotten about

R: It's rather interesting that whenever we released new BH content, there was general disdain that we were allocating development resources to it. But now there is a lot of clamoring for when the next BH level will be. :-)

We don't have any solid plans for BH10 yet, but we have discussed it on occasion. We're reluctant to simply just do a new level as we're still trying to decide where we want to take the Builder Base feature. We don't want to keep adding features that are already available to the Main Village; otherwise why not just keep developing the Main Village?

Q: In an interview with galadon around 11 months ago you said “ Part of it is as we see a lot of activity of a lot of players returning a lot of them are coming back to their old clans” In response to why sc hasn’t added a clan name change. Has this changed, Is there a still a high amount of players returning? If not is sc planning or at least considering adding it?

R: Clan name changes are still a ruled out idea for now, for the same reason. Additionally, changing your player name is one thing. That's personal to you. Changing a Clan name is something that affects the entire Clan. While sure, many Clans would be ok with the name change but what happens when members don't like the name that it's changed to? If that original Clan name had sentimental value, and someone changes it, that would feel really crappy for those who liked the original Clan name. So rather than try to come up with rules and edge cases for it, and introduce possibly more unnecessary complexity, it's simpler to prohibit for now.

Q: Would you consider going to a 24-month instead of a proposed 18-month cycle of new TH levels to sync with World Championships better?

R: 24 months of no new TH content is simply too long. We're really happy with the pace we've been releasing new TH levels. One of the things we have to look at when spacing out the content is how long before maxed players start to get bored and stop playing. New content is always the biggest driver of player activity, and the longer you draw out not having new content results in players becoming more likely to leave the game. The World Championship is an exciting and cool facet of Clash, but it's not the main one and only a very small number of players will ever compete in the Championships. That small percentage of players cannot dictate the pace of content progress.

Q: Can we donate super troops with gem donations, even if we don’t have them unlocked?

R: No. Being able to donate them without spending the upgrade cost kinda defeats the purpose of spending the upgrade cost.