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Supercell Make Opens Campaign for new Clash-O-Ween Scenery!


Supercell Make Opens Campaign for new Clash-O-Ween Scenery!

Get ready Clashers, a brand new Clash-O-Ween scenery is coming this Halloween!

The Haunted Village

Design a Scenery that will creep out even the most dedicated attackers! Reimagine the Village surroundings with a Spooky theme that takes inspiration from classic Horror films or is a creepy creation from your own imagination.

Today Supercell announced a new Clash of Clans campaign for a new scenery with a very special and cool theme: Clash-O-Ween!

Supercell Make Opens Campaign for new Clash-O-Ween Scenery!

Sceneries created by the Clash community with this theme can be submitted directly to the Supercell Make website. The submission starts on July 5th and the voting starts on August 1st.

Supercell Make Explained

Supercell Make is a platform where users can submit their own designs to Supercell. Brawl Stars was the first game available on this platform and users were able to submit Brawlers skins. On Clash of Clans, the community can also create and submit sceneries.

Campaign Rewards

If your Scenery is selected for Clash of Clans by the development team, you are eligible to earn a 25% share of the net revenue generated from your Scenery's sales in the first 30 days of being available. Guaranteed minimum compensation is $10,000 and the maximum compensation is capped at $50,000.

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