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Sneak Peek: House of Clashers Future!


Sneak Peek: House of Clashers Future!

Hello Clashers! Usually I write about Clash of Clans, but today I have some exciting news about House of Clashers and our plans to keep it running as long as Supercell makes Clash games!


  1. 1. House of Clashers Future
  2. 2. House of Clashers Explained
  3. 3. House of Clashers Future is Up to You
  4. 4. Tom, are you quitting?
  5. 5. Release date? How Can I Be an Editor?

House of Clashers Future

Sneak Peek: House of Clashers Future!

Without further due, here is the big announcement: starting next week, for the first time in 8 years House of Clashers will gradually open its database for the community!

Yes, any Clash fan will be able to edit, fix spelling errors, wrong stats, and create content, sharing their own tips and strategies!

Ok, now here is the complete story:

House of Clashers Explained

Hi, I'm Tom and I'm the developer and editor of House of Clashers.

In 2012 I had an idea of an app companion about a new game I was completely addicted to, Clash of Clans. Yes, 9 years ago. In February 2013 the iOS app was released.

Sneak Peek: House of Clashers Future!
Original iOS app from 2013

It was not only one of the first Clash sources of information with stats, strategies, and news, it was also one of the first app companions ever... for any game. In 2013 there was no such thing, so I can't thank enough Jared and Super Steve from Supercell that understood this crazy idea back then. :)

Over the years tons of new features were added: in 2016 the Android app was launched and in 2018 a new website was developed from scratch to be used as an editor and sync the content between all the apps.

Overall we have around 100k followers on Social Media, 8m app downloads, and 20m pageviews only in 2020.

Sneak Peek: House of Clashers Future!
iPad version featuring a global chat in 2013

It's important to note that House of Clashers is not sponsored by Supercell. We only run Google Ads and the revenue that is used to pay server costs, Apple fees, development costs, etc.

As you can imagine, what started as a part-time fun project got much bigger, and creating and updating requires a lot of work, mostly done because I really enjoy doing it. Now there are over 500 pages and I did, alone, over 5.000 edits only in 2020! o.o

House of Clashers Future is Up to You

Supercell Reveals Three New Clash Games: Clash Mini, Clash Heroes and Clash Quest!

In 2021 we announced the plan to expand our platform to feature information about the new Clash games. Yes, 3 new games which I can't wait to play, Clash Mini, Clash Quest, and Clash Heroes.

It was not an easy task and in the past couple of months the platform was updated to support the extra content, and most importantly, now we can now update and sync all apps and website in real-time, a critical update to accommodate the new games.

However, there is still a problem: as much as I enjoy writing about Clash, there is no way I can update hundreds of pages about 4 Clash games.

Sneak Peek: House of Clashers Future!
Current app featuring all Clash games, new search, and edit

So after so many years, the time has come to step aside and let the Clash community take over the content. All of it.

This is a bold move and I'm not really sure what to expect, but it doesn't seem to be any other way to keep House o Clashers alive, and after so many years I still truly believe there is a long road ahead for the Clash games and Clash community.

Unfortunately, the official Clash forum is over, but I hope and believe there is still room on the internet for those who want to write high-quality Clash content.

Tom, are you quitting?

Absolutely not! I really love Clash of Clans, and after writing about it for so many years, it became part of my life. But with Clash of Clans getting so big and new Clash games coming, it's not possible and reasonable to keep all pages and stats updated by myself anymore.

I will keep editing and creating content, managing the pages, etc. In fact, this month I want to start writing news about the new Clash games, something that is currently being requested and I already missed the Clash Quest soft launch as I was not aware of it. :|

I will also definitely keep working on the platform. I actually hope that now I will have more time to work on new features, there are so many cool things coming soon, including a new web design and roles for the new editors. I started developing House of Clashers 9 years ago and I have no plans to quit.

Release date? How Can I Be an Editor?

In the next few days I will allow public edit on some pages, starting with the new Clash games. I will not open the entire website for the public to edit right now as I'm still testing and improving the new tools. This will be done gradually and will take some time.

The pages that can be edited by the public will feature a green alert on the top. To edit that page, all you have to do is to create a free account on

For more information and to find out exactly when and how the new system will start working you can follow me on Twitter @HouseofClashers or join our brand new Discord Channel!

Are you excited to be able to edit and improve House o Clashers? Are you one o the hundreds of readers that constantly contact me with tips and guide suggestions? Now it’s your turn, the House of Clashers future is in your hands! To more 8 years of Clash!

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