House of Clashers Update Now Live!


Get ready Clashers, House of Clashers new app update is now live!

House of Clashers 3.0

With House of Clashers 10th anniversary around the corner, we decided it was time to give the app a well-deserved update. But we are not talking only about content; we are talking about the app itself!

After a couple of months of development, a brand new app was created from scratch with many improvements. It's an all-new app, a massive update! The current version was four years old, it was about time for a big refresh!

What's New

Featuring over 700 pages of exclusive content, our focus on this update was to create a better navigation experience, making it easier to find and read our content. Within the first couple of days with the update live, we already noticed a 60% pageview increase, which is absolutely amazing.

Here is what is new:

• New home screen, now you can directly open the news you want;

• New graphics and improved interface;

• All written content is available offline, creating a much better and faster navigation experience;

• To optimize device storage space, article images are loaded in real-time while you read the articles;

• Timers to Clash Events;

• Trending Topics;

• All content can be updated OTA, which means more accurate content as we can update it more frequently;

• Improved stats tables;

• Landscape mode;

Coming Soon

House of Clashers 3.0 is now live, but our work is not done yet. Here is what we are still working on:

• Multi-language: the system is ready to load multi-language pages, however, we are struggling with the content without any support from Supercell/Clash of Clans;

• Clan search and trackers;

• New layouts page;

• Dark mode;

• Community will be able to edit content through the app;

• API: if you have a bot, website, or anything similar, we can provide stats, upgrade images, and info about everything Clash of Clans offers. Still being developed (coming in 2023/2);

News Changes

However, we have some sad news as well. House of Clashers will no longer push news about:

• Shop items

• Cosmetic items (skins, sceneries)

• Sales

• Seasonal items

With 600k subscribers, we wanted to keep pushing these news. However, they are recurring and time-sensitive. Due to the lack of support and time from our writers, by the time to get the content, it's no longer "news."

We're always running late. This is annoying and so frustrating to us. So after nine years, we decided to stop.

Focus on Clash of Clans

Content from other Clash games is being removed. We will no longer provide news and guides/tutorials to Clash Quest (sadly canceled), Clash Heroes and Clash Mini.

We really wanted to create a massive app with everything about all Clash games, but with such a small team and no support from Supercell, we had no choice but to focus on Clash of Clans and give up on this idea.

This is especially sad since we had over 100 pages with exclusive content about those games. Ouch! Maybe one day we'll add them back; we would love to!

We're also sad to announce that after House of Boomers and House Royale, we're also discontinuing House of Brawlers, our Brawl Stars app guide. It was a fantastic journey. Released during the game beta in 2017, had 1m downloads and 30m pageviews. Sadly it's time to let it go!

Donations / Remove Ads

House of Clashers was created by independent developers who love Clash of Clans. We are not sponsored by Supercell and don't even have a Creator Code (don't ask me why). Our work here is done primarily out of love and fun (to practice our skills and create a portfolio, as we are primarily freelancers), as we love and have played this game since it was released ten years ago.

House of Clashers is 100% free and will always be. However, now you can support us by making a donation through In-App Purchases on Android and iOS. Is this a helpful app for you? Would you like to support independent developers? Please consider removing the ads. It means a lot to us!