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Welcome to House of Clashers, Clash Quest!


Welcome to House of Clashers, Clash Quest!


  1. 1. Clash Quest Soft-Launch
  2. 2. Clash Quest Added to House of Clashers
  3. 3. Clash Community Updates

Clash Quest Soft-Launch

As we all know, Supercell is developing 3 new Clash games, Clash Quest, Clash Heroes and Clash Mini, and we have plans here on House of Clashers to expand our platform to feature tutorials and guides to all Clash games.

From these three games, Clash Quest is the only one that has already been soft-launched in a few countries and can be played.

Clash Quest Added to House of Clashers

Welcome to House of Clashers, Clash Quest!

With Clash Quest already available to be played in a few countries, we are really happy to announce we are already adding pages and guides for this game, even before its global release.

Pages include information about the Troops, Spells, Tactics, and Items. There is also a very useful article explaining the basics of the game (Clash Quest Explained)

Since the game has not been released globally yet, most pages are still quite short, it takes some time to play the game and expand our guides, but feel free to browse and find out what this game is all about.

Clash Community Updates

Welcome to House of Clashers, Clash Quest!

As announced last month, House of Clasher plans to survive as long as Supercell makes Clash games depends on you, so yes, all Clash Quest pages are open and can be edited by the Clash community!

This is the first time in 8 years we are doing this and we couldn't be more excited to see how the Clash community is going to react and support the House of Clashers platform.

Want to be a collaborator and help us to improve our guides? Just create an account on and share your tips and tricks about Clash Quest!

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