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Clashiversary: Party Wizard is Back + Rune of Elixir!


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Chief, Clashversary is not over yet, we are still getting some cool surprises from Supercell!

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Yes, the Party Wizard is back! One of our favorite temporary troops is now available on the game again.

The Party Wizard is inspired by the regular Wizard and the Clash of Clans Community Manager Darian to celebrate the game anniversary.

He is very similar to the original Wizard, but with a few changes: he is more powerful, faster, weaker, and definitely cooler.

Clashversary: Party Wizard is Back + Free Rune of Elixir!

But that's not all, this year the Party Wizard came with a very special challenge with an amazing reward, a free Rune o Elixir! Grab while you can!

Clash on!