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Loot Guide


• What’s up Clashers! It’s Tom here with another exclusive tutorial. The Builder Base features a brand new loot system that is actually… very simple! Let’s see!


• On the Builder Base the Clash of Clans team took a very different approach on the way we get loot.

• To start off, there is no more stealing and shields. You don’t have to worry about this anymore, the Gold and Elixir you have will never be stolen, it will remain there forever if you don’t spend.

• But where the Gold and Elixir comes from? All the loot you get by winning the battle is the Win Bonus.


• Similar to the League Bonus on the Home Village, you earn a fixed amount of Gold and Elixir by winning a Versus Battle. This bonus is provided by the game, doesn’t come from your opponent so you don’t have to worry about losing resources on this village. Never.

• The amount of bonus is based only on your Trophy count. Different from the League Bonus, the percentage of destruction doesn’t matter, the winner always takes all.


• The Clash of Clans team really took their time to make this new system very different from the main game. By removing the “stealing” and shields, the gameplay was completely changed.

• On this new village, there is no such thing as farming, lazy attacks or dropping cups to find easier bases to fight. Barch is over!

• All attacks have only one purpose: victory!

• The new “farming” is to battle hard to get as many Trophies as you possibly can. The higher you get, more Win Bonus will be awarded on the victories.