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Upgrade Priorities


• Hey Clashers! Builder Base is a brand new game inside Clash of Clans. With new rules and different gameplay, the upgrading order of your village is completely different from your Home Village.

• This topic is by far the most controversial on this app. Many Clashers don’t agree with me because the gameplay is still fresh, but I will try my best to explain my upgrading order, why I chose this order and why this will make you have a maxed village faster.


• Before the easy list of priorities, I must talk a bit about the new Builder Hall. You probably see this building just as you see the Town Hall on the Home Village, right? Well, not so much.

• The new loot system completely affected the upgrade priority and the Builder Hall (BH). For over 4 years I’ve been telling Clashers this: don’t rush your Town Hall! First max all your troops and defenses before upgrading it!

• There are 3 reasons why you can never rush the Town Hall (TH - Home Village):

1. Loot penalty: when you attack someone with a lower TH than you there is a loot penalty. This was done to prevent extreme farming, high level players stealing from low level ones, so every time you upgrade the TH gets harder to steal resources.

2. Loot math: the higher your TH, more loot available is available to steal so you will lose more on defense if you are not strong enough to defend attacks.

3. Search cost: skipping villages looking for a better battle costs more.

(For a complete insight, look for the “Upgrade Priorities” on the home village “Strategy Guide”.)

• But why am I talking about this? Well, as you can see, the 3 main reasons to not rush your Town Hall are about loot, stealing and search costs. All these issues don’t exist on the Builder Village!


• There are several reasons to rush your BH. If you want to upgrade your village fast, my tip is to upgrade the Builder Hall as fast as possible.

• Every time you reach a new BH level, new defenses are unlocked, giving you a huge boost to your defense.

• Once you reach BH 4 you will unlock the 4th Army Camp. This is extremely important to get more Trophies and a better Win Bonus.

• Once you reach BH 5 you will unlock the Mortar and Battle Machine. Well, get ready to boost your cups and improve your Win Bonus even more. But that’s not all, you will unlock a second Mine and Collector, giving you a great boost to your resources as well.

• Keep in mind there is no farming on the Builder Village (see Loot System article). Everything you do must be only focus to improve your offense and defense to get more and more Trophies, improving your Win Bonus.

• The best way to get more Trophies? Unlocking all army camps, all defenses, all troops and the Battle Machine as soon as possible!


• Yes, this rushing tactic is VERY controversial and many of my followers don’t agree with me.

• The main problem that affects this tactic is the matchmaking. Although the game looks for opponents with similar Trophy count as you, your Builder Hall level is also taken in consideration, but not *that* much. If you push on your BH3, you will battle against BH4, and so on.

• This can make the life of BH rushers a bit more difficult. On my experience, early upgrading my Builder Hall gave me big jumps on the Trophy count, providing me much more Win Bonus and helping me to upgrade my village much, much faster. The whole point of the game here is to get more Trophies to increase the Win Bonus, and upgrading the Builder Hall early was a very effective way to do this fast.

• For example, Clashers trying to max out the BH3 are still with 1.500 Trophies. With my rushed BH5 I’m with 2.500 Trophies, getting much more loot every day and spending it on more important defenses.

• Keep in mind this new gameplay is brand new, we need more time to find out how the matchmaking will react to all these tactics and what Supercell will do about this. But so far I don’t regret rushing my Builder Hall to level 5.


• I’m going F2P (not buying Gems) on this village, and I’m rushing my BH. You can follow me on Twitter to see how am I doing and compare the progress to your village. You can find me on Twitter @HouseofClashers.

• As always, if you don’t agree with me feel free to explain and discuss all tactics! With the help of the community we will all have better strategies.


• Well, here is the my priority list:

1. Collectors and Mines. Without farming, they are more important than ever.

2. Army Camp, Laboratory, Clock Tower and Battle Machine.

3. Only the buildings required to upgrade your Builder Hall to the next level. There is no reason to level them up, just build to unlock the new Builder Hall.

4. Builder Hall.

5. Defenses, traps and walls.