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Queen Walk


• Queen Walk, also called Super Queen, is an Archer Queen strategy where before the actual attack the Queen is deployed with 3-4 Healers behind, making her “imortal” for some time while she destroys a big part of the enemy village.


- Strong Queen: level 30 (TH9) or 40 (TH10+).

- 4-6 Healers.

- Wall Breakers to create a path.

- Rage Spell.

- The actual army. Lavaloon, Gowiwi, GoHo, Mass Bowlers, anything you want.


• Healers now deploy traps. This will severely hurt your attack if you not lucky enough to avoid the traps on the beginning.


• Queen Walk is a very important strategy on this game and one of the best ways to make a “2-step” attack. This is not a complete attack, but a tactic that can be used with all formations, including all ground and air attacks.

• You have a few goals while doing it:

1. Destroy part of the village before the activation of the Eagle Artillery.

2. Destroy useless buildings outside the walls so you can funnel the troops.

3. Destroy important defenses. If you are planning an air attack, you can take down one or even two Air Defenses.

4. Destroy the Eagle Artillery. Difficult, but not impossible. On some layouts you can destroy the Eagle before its activation using this strategy.


• Not hard to explain, but hard to make it right.

• Basically you release her with the Healers right behind and watch a big part of the enemy village being destroyed.

• To direct her to the important buildings, use Wall Breakers or Jump. Use Rage Spell to boost the Healers.

• Plan your attack ahead and release the actual attack BEFORE the Queen dies, so she might survive the entire attack. Once all troops are deployed they will create distractions to the defenses, giving more time for the Queen to be healed. Yes, she might survive the entire attack!

• You must be very careful and plan your attack ahead. What you must consider:

• Air Defenses: they will destroy the Healers very fast. Unless the Queen directly destroys the AD, your attack might be ruined.

• X-Bows/Infernos: even with 4 Healers your Queen will have a hard time against them.

• Eagle Artillery: don’t worry about it! The Queen + Healers don’t use enough army space to activate it.

• Clan Castle: watch for enemy troops. You can use the Queen to take CC Troops out and kill them, but this can be dangerous. Balloons, for example, make damage even destroyed. Lava will break and create Lava Pups, making the Queen lose a lot of time.


• King and Warden: should I use the other Heroes as well? Depends on your troop formation.

• On Air attacks, the Warden must be set to air, so it will not affect the Queen. Using the King can be a great idea as it will help to take down the Air Defenses.

• Ground Attacks: The Warden can be used with the Queen and when the full army is deployed, he will help the entire army. This is a great tactic. Just make sure to deploy the full army before the Warden is targeted by the defenses, especially the Eagle Artillery.


• Rage Spell works great on Healers. When the Queen is about to die you can Rage the Healers and they will boost the healing, giving the Queen some extra time to destroy the defenses.

• Before releasing the Rage, think about the path the Queen will follow, otherwise the Healers might leave the Rage area too fast and miss part of the boost.

• Remember, although it’s great to use the Rage on the Queen, the main focus here are the Healers. The healing rate is severely increased by the Rage!


• It all depends on the full army you are taking with you. If you have an air attack, you can use her to take 1 or even 2 Air Defenses out.

• If you are using a ground attack, you can clear the path to provide an easy funneling.


• On Town Hall 11, always think about the Eagle Artillery. Think about the position on the village and how many troops you can deploy before the activation.

• With this new defense, Supercell is pushing 2-step attacks and Queen Walk is a great way to do this. Do all the damage possible before the Eagle activation. More about this on the “Mastering the Eagle” article on the Strategy Guide.


• Very powerful strategy to prepare your actual attack, especially in Clan Wars where you have plenty of time to plan your attack.

• Also great with TH9 using GoHo of GoLaLoon attacks. This is one of the best strategies to get 3 stars on Clan Wars.