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Royal Champion


Clash of Clans | Royal Champion Info

"Over the wall and at them! The Royal Champion is only afraid of four things, and the enemy isn\'t one of them. She attacks with her spear at short range and throws her shield to take down defenses once her Seeking Shield ability is unlocked!"

The Royal Champion is the fourth Hero be unlocked on Clash of Clans.

She was added to the game on the 2019 Winter Update.


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Clash of Clans | Clash of Clans New Hero Revealed: the Royal Champion! |

The Royal Champion is a ranged troop that uses a spear to hit its targets.

She is the only Hero with a preferred target of defenses, making her very special, although she will not attack Clan Castle troops until all defenses have been destroyed for this reason.

Like the Grand Warden, she has the ability to jump over walls. But since the Warden is a support hero, the Royal Champion is indeed quite special and will advance on enemy villages targeting defenses regardless of walls.

Compared to the Barbarian King, which also likes to lead attacks, she has moderate to low hitpoints, about 2/5 of him, so it\'s dangerous to leave her alone without any support or tanky troops.

Special Ability: Seeking Shield

Clash of Clans | Clash of Clans New Hero Revealed: the Royal Champion! |

Her special ability is called the Seeking Shield and consists of throwing her shield on the defenses, causing damage to a total of 4 buildings.

The shield will hit an enemy defense, causing damage, and will target the next one, regardless of the range. Yes, you read it right, regardless of range! Her shield can even fly across the entire village looking for the next defense.

Differently from the Electro Dragon, the damage doesn\'t decrease on the secondary target.

Clash of Clans | Clash of Clans New Hero Revealed: the Royal Champion! |

She can hit up to 4 defenses, regardless of how far they are. The shield will fly all over the village looking for the next target.

A maxed-out Seeking Shield can make 1860 of damage on each target, it\'s massive! It can take down many defenses with a single hit, including Air Defenses. The damage also remains the same on all 4 buildings, it doesn\'t get reduced as the Electric Dragon. Super cool!

If there are no defenses left, the shield will target regular buildings.


The Royal Champion is unlocked when you build the Royal Champion Altar. The Altar costs 120.000 Dark Elixir and a Town Hall level 13 is required.


Like all other heroes, she is not upgraded on the Laboratory. Instead, she must be upgraded by leveling-up her Altar with a Builder.

This hero currently has 20 levels and uses Dark Elixir to be upgraded.

Upgrading will increase her hit points, damage per second and regeneration time.

Every 5 levels of upgrades will also improve her special ability, increasing the health recovery and damage of the Seeking Shield.

Unlocking the Royal Champion

The Royal Champion is unlocked when you build the Royal Champion Altar. The Altar costs 120.000 Dark Elixir and a Town Hall level 13 is required.

Unlocking Skins Without the Royal Champion

If you are not a Town Hall 13 don't have the Royal Champion yet, you can purchase and unlock the skins anyway. Once you upgrade your Town Hall to level 13 and build the Royal Champion altar, the skin will be there waiting to be used.

Free Skin / Gold Pass Giveaway

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Upgrade Costs and Stats

Royal Champion

Favorite TargetDamage TypeTargetsMovement Speed
DefensesSingle TargetGround & Air24
LevelUpgrade TimeUpgrade CostDamage per SecondHit PointsRegen TimeAbility Level
31d 12h140,000392305031mins0
52d 12h160,000410315034mins1
73d 12h180,000426325034mins1
94d 12h200,000442335034mins1
115d 12h220,000458345037mins2
136d 12h235,000474355037mins2
167d 12h250,000498370040mins3
177d 12h255,000506375040mins3
187d 12h260,000514380040mins3
197d 12h265,000522385040mins3
207d 12h270,000530390043mins4

Seeking Shield

LevelDamageHealth RecoveredNumber of Targets


Heroes visual no longer progress as you upgrade them, however, special Hero Skins can be unlocked through Season Challenges.

However, the Royal Champion doesn't have a skin yet.