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Clouds, clouding, living in the clouds or just the biggest problem on Clash of Clans. Call how ever you want, on this page I will explain what this is and why does it happen.


When you search for a battle the clouds show up. This process usually takes a few seconds, but once you reach higher leagues (Titan+), the clouds start to get longer and longer. Instead of a few seconds, the searching starts to take a few minutes, and it just gets worse and worse as you keep raising your Trophies. On Legendary League, up the an hour to find a single battle.

Most clashers don’t even know this is a real issue and during the first real Trophy push they think the game is broken with server issues and contact me. The thing is: the game is not broken, this is just how it works, unfortunately.


The answer is quite simple and makes sense: the higher you go, less players without shields are available, until you reach a point that there is not a single village without shield to be attacked. So the cloud begins.

The game matchmaking looks for players on your trophy range and when there isn’t, you just get stuck in the clouds waiting for a village to lose shield. This can take a long, long time.


Home Village - Strategy Guide - Clouds - Operation Blue Skies | Clash of Clans
Game over. Sometimes the game just gives up and checks if you are still looking at the screen.

The real problem is that reaching Legendary League is not really only about skills, it’s about patience and free time. There is no way around, strategy, anything. If you want to get 5k+ Trophies, you must face the clouds. You must sit on your chair and wait hours to find an attack. Usually clashers plug in their phones/tablets on the charger and leave it searching while working or studying. Once it finds something, you take a break from work and attack.

But hey, it used to be worst. Before the current shield system was introduced with the Town Hall 12 (Xmas 2015), only by tapping the “Find a Match” button removed your shield completely. At least now once you get bored or if your boss walks in to your office you can close the game without losing the shield.

Another small change over the years was setting a minimum of 3 Trophies to steal on every attack. If you didn’t know, the minimum used to be just single cup… yes, an hour waiting to find a village with a single cup to steal.


Well, I wish I could say this will be fixed one day, but it's not an easy task. Of all the issues on the game this is probably the biggest problem by far. This issue prevents clashers to do what the game is all about, clashing, ruining the game experience.

We know Supercell is aware of this issue as the game developers talked about it many times. The problem is that there is no easy way to fix.

To fix this issue, the matchmaking or the shield system must be changed. If you lose the shield easier, more villages will be available to attack, but you will also be attacked more. It's a big trade-off and I don't think most players will like.

Another possible change is on the matchmaking system. Before the Builder Village was introduced Versus Battles was speculated to fix the Home Village clouds. This way a village could be attacked even with the shield on since it was a 1vs1 battle. This doesn't fix the issue completely (Builder Base also have clouds), but it's definitely not as bad as the current system.


On a Community Q&A in 09/2018, Darian (Community Manager) said a solution to the clouds might finally be on its way. They are studying different solutions as this might change the shield system or changing the matchmaking. There is no date to be released because to main focus of the dev team is the Clan War Leagues, but clouds should be a priority in 2019.

On November 2018 Darian confirmed on a Reddit AMA that a new system is coming to players on the Legendary players. It is not head to head battles (similar to Builder base) and this system will only be applied to Legendary League, not affecting the lower leagues. This project is currently being called Operation Blue Skies by the developer team.