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Super Troops Explained


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  1. 1. Super Troops Explained
  2. 2. Upgrading Troops
  3. 3. Requirements
  4. 4. Troop Level
  5. 5. Donations
  6. 6. Super Troops Available

Super Troops Explained

Super Troops are temporarily powered-up versions of regular troops in the Home Village. They are usually stronger, faster, and make more damage than their regular counterpart.

Each Super Troop also features a unique ability that boosts which makes them even more special.

Upgrading Troops

Clash of Clans | Home Village | Gameplay | Super Troops |

You can power-up troops on the Super Troop Barrack, next to the trader.

All upgrades are instant and cost Dark Elixir, around 50.000 each, but may vary depending on the troop you've chosen.

Once purchased, a timer will show up: this is how long the troop you have selected will have the power-up.

Clash of Clans | Home Village | Gameplay | Super Troops |

The upgrades are all temporarily and last for only 7 days. Once the power-up is expired, there is a 7-day cooldown to upgrade this troop again.

You can have only a single troop upgraded at a time.


The Super Troop Barrack becomes available once you reach Town Hall 11.

However, some troops can only be upgraded on higher Town Halls depending on their requirements. For example, the Super Giant requires a regular Giant level 9, which is available only on Town Hall 12.

Troop Level

The Super Troop level is based on the regular troop you are about to power-up.

For example, a Barbarian level 8 will be a Super Barbarian level 8 once upgraded.

There is also a minimum level required to be upgraded, and this varies on each troop. The Barbarian must be at least level 8 to be upgraded.


Super Troops can be requested and donated just as regular troops.

However, to receive the specific Super Troop you have requested someone in your clan must have the Super Troop active as Super Troops can't be donated with Gems.

This makes the donation of Super Troops a bit complicated, as there is a chance no one in your clan has the troop you are requesting.

Super Troops Available

There are currently only 6 Super Troops available on the game, but more will be added soon.