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Sneak Peeks - Spring Update - April 2021 Update


Breaking News: Town Hall 14 Announced!

This is a fixed article where you will always find the latest Sneak Peeks and everything we know about the next Clash of Clans update.

The next Clash of Clans update is right around the corner! The Sneak Peeks are over, here is everything that is coming on the next update:


  1. 1. Hero Pets
    1. 1.1. Electro Owl
    2. 1.2. L.A.S.S.I
    3. 1.3. Mighty Yak
    4. 1.4. Unicorn
  2. 2. Battle Builder
  3. 3. Town Hall 14
    1. 3.1. Town Hall 14 Giga Inferno
    2. 3.2. Upgrading to Town Hall 14 unlocks...
    3. 3.3. New Defense/Building/Trap Levels
    4. 3.4. New Hero Levels
    5. 3.5. New Troop Levels
    6. 3.6. New Spell Levels
  4. 4. Balance Changes
  5. 5. Clan Castle Donation Changes
  6. 6. Starter Challenges
  7. 7. New Starter Pass Reward Track
  8. 8. Recruitment Tool
  9. 9. Cost Reductions
    1. 9.1. Reduced training times
    2. 9.2. Wall cost reduction
    3. 9.3. Low- & Mid-Town Hall level cost reductions
    4. 9.4. Several cost/timer reductions for new players
  10. 10. New Achievements
    1. 10.1. Not So Easy This Time
    2. 10.2. Siege Sharer
    3. 10.3. Superb Work
  11. 11. Gameplay
  12. 12. UI Changes
  13. 13. 3D Assets
  14. 14. Season Challenge Changes
  15. 15. iOS Changes
  16. 16. War Scenery
  17. 17. Next Update Schedule
  18. 18. Last Update
  19. 19. Previous Updates
    1. 19.1. 2020
    2. 19.2. 2019
    3. 19.3. 2018
  20. 20. Is there anything missing here?

Hero Pets

Pets are special troops that can be assigned to Heroes. Once assigned, the pet will be automatically deployed with the Hero on the battle, it's not possible to deploy separated as a single troop.

Home Village | Pets | Pets Explained

For more details and complete stats, visit the Pets page.

There are currently 4 Pets available:

Electro Owl

Home Village | Pets | Electro Owl

Electro Owl is an air unit the flies alongside the Hero it was assigned to.

Home Village | Pets | Electro Owl

She can target ground and air units and has the same range as its Hero.

For more details and complete stats, visit the Electro Owl page.


Home Village | Pets | L.A.S.S.I

L.A.S.S.I is a ground Pet that moves alongside the Hero it was assigned to.

Home Village | Pets | L.A.S.S.I

Without any preferred target, it will attack any building within 2.5 tile range of the Hero, making single damage with its melee attack.

For more details and complete stats, visit the L.A.S.S.I page.

Mighty Yak

The Mighty Yak is a ground Pet that attacks any building up to 7 tiles away from the Hero it is assigned for.

With up to 5550 Hit Points, it is the strongest Pet so far.

Home Village | Pets | Mighty Yak

He makes splash damage with his melee attack and doesn't have a preferred target.

For more details and complete stats, visit the Mighty Yak page.


Home Village | Pets | Unicorn

The Unicorn is a ground Pet that will follow and heal the Hero it was assigned for.

Home Village | Pets | Unicorn

With a movement speed of only 16, it is the slowest Pet in the game.

For more details and complete stats, visit the Unicorn page.

Battle Builder

Spring 2021 Update Sneak Peek #3 - This Time Builder Hits Back!

Battle Builder is an upgraded Builder Hut that not only makes damage to the enemy attacker, but also repairs the defenses.

The Huts will be activated as soon the enemy deploys a single troop, differently from Hidden Tesla or Eagle Artillery, which has special requirements to activation.

Home Village | Defenses | Battle Builder

The attack is similar to a "mini X-Bow": single target, fast reload, attacks ground and air units, and doesn't have a preferred target.

Once there is a friendly building damaged inside this radius, the builder himself will go there to repair them.

However, you can't kill the builder himself. To stop him, you must destroy his hut. Once the hut collapses, the builders will run towards it and hides in the underground.

The level 1 Builder Hut doesn't have any defense, the builder will not repair defenses and it's not considered a defensive building, therefore not attacked by Giants, Golems, etc.

For more details and complete stats, visit the Battle Builder page.

Town Hall 14

Breaking News: Town Hall 14 Announced!

Town Hall 14. This jungle-themed Town Hall has ancient pictograms and hieroglyphs on its crenelations that surely shares secrets of ancient Clash wisdom.

Upgrade TimeUpgrade CostStorage Capacity (Gold)Storage Capacity (Elixir)Storage Capacity (Dark Elixir)Hit Points
20 days16M Gold2M Gold2M Elixir20K Dark Elixir8900

Town Hall 14 Giga Inferno

Breaking News: Town Hall 14 Announced!

Town Hall 14 will still have a Giga Inferno that can be upgraded 5 levels. However, when the Town Hall is destroyed, it’ll now drop a Poison Bomb that deals damage, slows enemy attacks and movement speed.

Upgrading to Town Hall 14 unlocks...

New Defense/Building/Trap Levels

Breaking News: Town Hall 14 Announced!

New Hero Levels

New Troop Levels

New Spell Levels

Balance Changes

  • Level 6 Clone Spell house space effect has been increased from 33 to 34
  • Super Giant HP has been reduced by 200
  • Super Minion DPS has been decreased by 50. HP has been increased by 100
  • Inferno Dragon level 2 DPS has been decreased from 80-1600 to 79-1580 and HP reduced by 50
  • Inferno Dragon beam cooldown time has been increased from 0.5s to 0.6s
  • Increase max Spell donation count by 1 for Clans of Level 4 and above
  • Level 8 Inferno Tower will have 6 beams while in Multi-Inferno mode

Clan Castle Donation Changes

In order to protect lower-level players from overpowered defensive Clan Castle units and to maintain a better mid-Town Hall level game balance, we’ve reworked some of the Clan Castle donation functionalities.

For more details and complete stats, check the Clans page.

Starter Challenges

Spring 2021 Update Sneak Peek #2 - Balance Changes, QoL Improvements, Game Changes
New Season Challenges to low level players

Starter Challenges are a new way for players between Town Hall 2-6 to speed up their progress through a variety of Challenges similar to the Silver/Gold Pass. These new free-to-play Challenges are unlocked with each Town Hall level and completing each Challenge will provide more Challenges to complete.

New Starter Pass Reward Track

There are some deliciously tempting rewards that can be earned on the Starter Pass. From Rune of Gold to a Book of Building, the Starter Pass reward track has up to 5000 points for players to complete.

Once a player upgrades to Town Hall 7, all unclaimed rewards are automatically collected.

Recruitment Tool

Spring 2021 Update Sneak Peek #2 - Balance Changes, QoL Improvements, Game Changes

We’ve made a number of changes to help improve the user experience when players use the Find New Member feature.

  • It is now possible for players to receive invites without also being suggested in the Find New Members feature. The Invites preference in the player profile now offers 3 settings.
    • Receive Invites + Be Suggested
    • Receive Invites
    • No Invites
  • Players who chose to be suggested in the Find New Members feature must confirm that they are still looking for a Clan every week to continue being suggested.
  • Invites to join a clan now expire after 2 weeks. This will prevent cases where someone joins a clan unexpectedly from a very old invite.
  • There is now an info popup in Find New Members that gives some detail on how the feature works and explains what controls clans have over the recommendations.
  • Clans can now set a language in their settings.

Cost Reductions

Reduced training times

Wall cost reduction

  • Level 12 Wall: 3M Gold/Elixir → 2M Gold/Elixir
  • Level 13 Wall: 5M Gold/Elixir → 4M Gold/Elixir

Low- & Mid-Town Hall level cost reductions

We have implemented tons of cost changes from Town Hall level 2 through Town Hall level 11 to help players upgrade faster than ever, with the biggest discounts applied from Town Hall level 7 to 10!

  • Upgrade timers for Town Hall 2 have been reduced by 60%
  • Early Troop upgrades in the Lab have been significantly reduced
  • Upgrade costs for the Barbarian King and Archer Queen for levels 1-50 have been significantly reduced
  • Town Hall level 13 costs are largely unchanged
  • For a breakdown of the cost changes please refer to the following tables. The percentages display a rough average of the discounts applied to each Town Hall Level. Please note the costs do not apply to Walls.
Town Hall LevelGold CostsElixir CostsDE Costs
Town Hall LevelBuilder TimesLab Times

Several cost/timer reductions for new players

  • Cost to Search/Next an Attack reduced at most levels from TH1-8
  • Training Cost of Level 1/2 Barbarians changed from 25/40 to 15/30
  • Training Cost of Level 1/2 Archers changed from 50/80 to 30/60
  • Training Cost of Level 1/2/3/4 Giants changed from 250/750/1250/1750 to 150/300/750/1500
  • Upgrade Cost of Barbs/Archers reduced at levels 1-2
  • Doubled Storage Capacity of lvl 1-4 Elixir Collectors / Gold Mines so they don't cap out after 3 hours

New Achievements

We’ve added a bevvy of new Achievements aimed at high-level players to accomplish!

Not So Easy This Time

Destroy weaponized Town Halls in Multiplayer Battles

LevelTarget #XP RewardGem Reward

Siege Sharer

Donate Siege Machines*

LevelTarget #XP RewardGem Reward

*Since Siege Machine donations are now counted towards this Achievement, they are no longer counted towards the Friend in Need Achievement.

Superb Work

Boost Super Troops

LevelTarget #XP RewardGem Reward


  • Boosts on Heroes or Buildings are no longer canceled when an upgrade is started and will continue to run in the background.
  • Practice mode levels are now only available at the same Town Hall as the level, not one earlier.
  • Ongoing Lab upgrade timer continues normally when Lab is upgraded and can be finished with Gems or a Book. New unit/spell upgrades still cannot be started before the Lab upgrade is completed.
  • Move some of the obstacles from the new Village starting layout closer to the edges so there's larger continuous empty space for the Village.
    • The rewards for the first 19 Goblin Map levels after the tutorial have been increased for a better new player experience:
    • Values for level 20 and beyond remain unchanged

UI Changes

  • Achievements are now listed in a more sensible order rather than the order they were first added to the game.
  • There is now a confirmation popup when pressing the Finish Training button in the Training Screen.
  • New icon for max poison DPS to distinguish it from normal DPS
  • Lab research screen is accessible during Lab upgrade
  • Keep the level badge flame burning in combat hud when all troops/spells are deployed
  • Use pop over to show what the new buildings/traps are in Town Hall / Builder Hall upgrade screen

3D Assets

  • The default Skin for the Barbarian King has been given a slight polish by adding more triangles which better captures the character and essence of his royal highness. Furthermore, the custom textures take full advantage of the new shaders. We plan to do this with all of the default skins of each Hero. We will apply this new shader tech to future skins but we have no plans to revisit older ones at the moment.

Season Challenge Changes

  • When claiming a resource reward if the player only has enough storage space for some of the reward they can now take whatever amount of the reward will fit and some gems. The amount of gems scales from a max of 5 down to 1 based on what proportion of the resources were taken. E.g. if a player takes 20% of resources they will receive 4 gems (80% of 5).
  • When a Season ends any unlocked but unclaimed rewards from the Season will be automatically claimed. Any rewards unable to fit into storage will be converted to gems according to the same rules as if this was done manually.
  • If a player is close to maxed and cannot complete the requirements of a challenge requiring upgrading a certain number of walls or buildings, they will only have to complete as much as they can still upgrade. If they are fully maxed out and cannot upgrade anything the challenge will be automatically completed.
  • New Clan Games and Gold Pass challenges for Invisibility Spell
  • All Season Challenges relating to Winning Battles with a Troop or Spell have had the quantity needed per battle reduced to 1 each.

iOS Changes

  • The default frame rate for 120FPS iPad Pro models is set to 60FPS in order to preserve battery usage. If you wish to switch to 120FPS, there is a new Higher Frame Rate option under More Settings that will allow you to revert to 120FPS.
  • On supported devices we now use Apple's Metal graphics API. This offers more efficient performance and should reduce power usage while playing the game.
  • In order to use Facebook's social features, it is now necessary to grant permission for cross app-tracking. This is unfortunately required by Facebook for us to offer this feature. Check out Supercell ID for privacy-friendly social features!

War Scenery

War Sceneries are coming!

Supercell promoted a War Scenery contest on the Supercell Make platform. The winner was "Inferno Town", created by the Brazilian art creator @ThiagoMessias3D.

Sneak Peeks - Spring Update - April 2021 Update

There isn't any official schedule to release this or any war scenery, but they are coming soon.

Next Update Schedule

In 2020 Clash of Clans released one update on each quarter: Spring, Summer, Autumn (Halloween), and Winter (Christmas).

There is a high chance of having a similar schedule, with the first update in March or April.

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