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Get Ready: Everything We Know About the October Update!


Clash of Clans Clan War Leagues Revealed

Get ready clashers! On this page you will find everything we know about the future Clash of Clans updates. Check it out!

Clan War Leagues

Clash of Clans Clan War Leagues Gameplay

This new game mode is a competitive Clan War system. This is probably the first Clash of Clans mode that might be completely skill-based.

The competition will happen once every month, it's basically an event. Your clan must sign up to participate, just as the regular war.

Clash of Clans Clan War Leagues Sign Up

Once it starts, you will face 7 other clans to find out which one is the best.

The event lasts 7 days, one war per day, against all other clans in the group. At the end, we will know which one is the best clan!

Clash of Clans

Once the Clan War starts, you have to pick 15 members of your clan. It will always be 15 vs 15, so you have to pick 15 members each day. It is only one attack per player, so it's very important that all select members indeed attack on the war. Each day different member can be chosen, so you can change your team during the war, removing users that didn't attack.


Clash of Clans Clan War Leagues 18 Leagues

The winners will be promoted to the next Clan War League and the losers will be demoted. There are 18 League tiers in total.


Clash of Clans

Clan War Leagues will feature exclusive rewards: Magic Hammers. These Hammers have the ability to start and finish any upgrade, including resources, making them more powerful than Magic Books. The only way to get them is through the Clan War Leagues.

Clash of Clans

There are 4 types of Magic Hammers: Troops, Buildings, Spells and Heroes.


Clash of Clans League Shop Magic Hammer

This is a brand new shop where you can buy exclusive items with a new currency. You will be able to buy Magic Hammers and exclusive decoration.

Clash of Clans League Shop Exclusive TItems Decoration


Clash of Clans New Magic Item Clock Tower Potion
This thick elixir made from ground-up magic cogs activates your Builder Base Clock Tower boost for 30 minutes!

Yes, this potion will activate the Builder Base Clock Tower for 30 minutes. This will be very useful not only to the clashers that love the Builder Base, but also to boost the Gem Mine to all users. It will be very helpful to complete hard/long tasks from the events.


Clash of Clans Halloween Pumpkin Bomb

Get ready Clashers, the Halloween theme is coming! The Barbarian Pumpkin and/or Pumpkin Bomb will be back!


Clash of Clans Tornado Trap

Today a new trap was also announced, the Tornado Trap! This trap creates a small vortex of air that stalls troops, making them spin around the trap.

Clash of Clans
Galadon revealed the new trap in action on his YouTube channel.

The troops also suffer a small amount of damage, but the main goal is to stall the troops, slowing down the attack and giving more time to the defenses.

Clash of Clans

The stats numbers are not final and can still change, but we can have an idea of how the trap will work. Upgrading will only increase the duration of the vortex. Don't forget this is a trap, not a defense, so it will be activated only one time per battle.


Clash of Clans

Spotted by Galadon on his YouTube channel, the max level Inferno Tower and Archer Tower will get a new visual. But on his video we could also see a new look on the Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors. Maybe new level? Visual changes only?


Clash of Clans SinGle Player Goblin Maps
Bet you thought you'd seen the last of me!

Yes, the long time requested new single player maps are finally coming! We will get 25 new Goblin Maps and two new achievements: "Get those other goblins" and "Dragon Slayer".

Quality of Life Changes

Confirmed Quality of Life Changes coming on the next Clash of Clans update:

Machines: The game will automatically default to the last deployment you used. If you used a Siege Machine in your last attack, it will default to that setting for your next attack. If you didn’t use a Siege Machine and just deployed CC troops normally, your next attack will use that setting instead.

Siege Machines: Donating Siege Machines will now provide 30XP instead of 1XP.

Troop Selection: When starting an attack, no troops will be selected by default. That way you won’t accidentally deploy a troop when touching the map. You will need to manually select which troop you will deploy first.

Replays: New replay speed available. Rewatch battles at 1/2 replay speed.

Electro Dragon: Eddie’s Lightning Spell upon death will now deal damage to Resource buildings.

Grand Warden: The Grand Warden’s mode can be toggled even while he is healing.

New Clan Game Tasks

Confirmed new Clan Game Tasks:

• Building Breakdown: Destroy 50/150/250x Buildings in Multiplayer Battles. (regular / intense / epic).

• Building Boom Boom: Destroy 30/60/90x Buildings in Versus Battles. (regular / intense / epic).

• Wall Whacker: Destroy 50/150/250x Wall segments in Multiplayer Battles. (regular / intense / epic).

• Wall Wipe Out: Destroy 50/150/250x segments in Versus Battles. (regular / intense / epic).

• Sudden Stars: Collect 3x Stars from Versus Battles. Only Stars earned in the first 60 seconds count.

• Speedy Stars: Collect 3x Stars from Multiplayer Battles. Only Stars earned in the first 60 seconds count.

New Gem Donation Prices

Confirmed new Donation Prices:

• Giant: 2 -> 3 gems
• Balloon: 5 -> 3 gems
• Wizard: 5 -> 3 gems
• Dragon: 25 -> 15 gems
• PEKKA: 25 -> 15 gems
• Hog Rider: 5 -> 3 gems
• Valkyrie: 8 -> 6 gems
• Golem: 30 -> 20 gems
• Witch: 15 -> 10 gems
• Lava Hound: 30 -> 20 gems
• Bowler: 8 -> 5 gems
• Baby Dragon: 10 -> 8 gems
• Electro Dragon: 30 -> 20 gems

Reduced Training Costs

Changes confirmed, but values still might change:

Wall Breakers:

• Level 2: 1500 -> 1250
• Level 3: 2000 -> 1500
• Level 4: 2500 -> 1750
• Level 5: 3000 -> 2000
• Level 6: 3500 -> 2250
• Level 7: 4000 -> 2500
• Level 8: 4500 -> 2750


• Level 1: 450 -> 300
• Level 2: 525 -> 375
• Level 3: 600 -> 450
• Level 4: 675 -> 525
• Level 5: 750 -> 600
• Level 6: 825 -> 675
• Level 7: 900 -> 750
• Level 8: 975 -> 825

Baby Dragons:

• Level 1: 15000 -> 10000
• Level 2: 16000 -> 11000
• Level 3: 17000 -> 12000
• Level 4: 18000 -> 13000
• Level 5: 19000 -> 14000
• Level 6: 20000 -> 15000


• Level 1: 250 -> 175
• Level 2: 350 -> 225
• Level 3: 450 -> 275
• Level 4: 550 -> 325


• Level 1: 130 -> 110
• Level 2: 150 -> 130
• Level 3: 170 -> 150
• Level 4: 190 -> 170


This update will add the Halloween theme and it's being called the "October Update", so it must be released next week. Over the weekend we should get the final sneak peeks and gameplay footage, with the update coming probably next Monday or Tuesday.


On a Community Q&A in 09/2018, Darian (Community Manager) said a solution to the clouds might finally be on its way. They are studying different solutions as this might change the shield system and probably create a new type of matchmaking to Legendary players. There is no date to be released because to main focus of the dev team is the Clan War Leagues. Clouds should be a priority in 2019.


On a Community Q&A in 09/2018, Darian (Community Manager) said more Town Halls and Builder Hall are planned and will keep coming and probably faster than it used to be. More "end game" content is always being planned. As for the newer players, Magic Items and reduced upgrading time is constantly being added to make it easier to catch up with older players and reach to "end game.


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