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Sneak Peeks - August 2019 - Everything We Know About the Next Update!


June 2019 Clan Games

This is a fixed article where you will always find everything we know about the next Clash of Clans update.

The June Update has just been released and we have 2 confirmed updates coming this year. However, we don't have any official information about them.

On a Reedit AMA the Community Manager Darian talked about the game future:

Q: Will TH13 be coming this year?

A: It's inevitable that this question will pop up. We have two more updates planned for the rest of the year. While we don't generally announce major updates like a new TH until we're ready to announce it, we have updates planned for mid- to late-autumn and one more for the end of the year.

Since we have our ESL World Finals at the end of October, we won't introduce a new Town Hall level before the ESL Finals have completed as introducing a new TH level would throw the entire competition into disarray. Plus we would want competitors to have had the chance to max out their bases before competing with them.
With that said, it took us 2.5 years to introduce TH12 after the release of TH11. As we've been saying, we don't want the same gap of time in between TH12 and TH13.

It's not giving anything away by saying that there will be a TH13 at some point. While this is not a hard commitment to timelines, we would like to release a new TH level every 18 months or so. That's not a guarantee that's when a new TH will arrive, but just a guideline of how frequent we'd like new content of that scale to be released.

We have a pretty big update slated for the end of the year. Feel free to speculate, or try to read between the lines if you will, but it's going to be a friggin' massive update with some really cool new features

Here is the complete interview.

Future Update: Town Hall 13

Town Hall 13 will come (one day, obviously), but so it's not coming so soon. On a Community Q&A in 03/2019 Darian from Clash of Clans said they haven't start working on it yet.

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