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Get Ready: What We Know About the Next Update!


Clash of Clans Get Ready!

Hey Clashers! The next update is right around the corner and we have some cool hints and confirmed changes about it!


Clash of Clans Clan War League Reveal

During the 6th Anniversary Stream last month Supercell revealed the brand new feature coming to the game: Clan War Leagues.

Unfortunately we don't have any detail about what exactly this feature will be. Clan Wars has basically the same matchmaking and style since it was released back in 2014. Hopefully this will change a bit and take Clash of Clans towards eSports!


Some small but requested changes are already confirmed and will be added on the next update:

• Siege Machines: Donating Siege Machines will now provide 30XP instead of 1XP. The game will also automatically default to the last deployment you used. If you used a Siege Machine in your last attack, it will default to that setting for your next attack. If you didn't use a Siege Machine and just deployed CC troops normally, your next attack will use that setting instead.

• Troop Selection: When starting an attack, no troops will be selected by default. That way you won't accidentally deploy a troop when touching the map. You will need to manually select which troop you will deploy first.

• Replays: new replay speed available. Rewatch battles at 1/2 replay speed.


The date has not been confirmed yet.

Clash of Clans Maintenance Break Twitter

The update was being called "September Update" on the forums, but I don't really see it happening on the next week. Today a Maintenance Break was cancelled, so I guess the next update isn't as ready and we expected.

Until then, clash on!