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Clash of Clans Community Q&A With Lach and Darian

Hey Clashers! Today Clash of Clans released a Q&A with the Community Manager Darian talking about the current game state and what we can expect on the near future.

Most questions were answered on the a YoutTube video, but more questions were posted at the foruns. Here are the main questions and answers:

3-Star Rate on TH10 and TH11

With Town Hall 12 and the new Siege Machines getting 100% got much easier, and according to Darian that's exactly what they want. They wanted to make the attacks more successful.


The cost and training time should not change in the near future. They are considered a special troop that should not be that common. However the XP you get for donating it will be changed on the next update.


Darian agrees the revenge system is actually broken and should be fixed to work again. The way the shield system works now makes impossible to revenge any attack. They are looking for options to fix it, but they don't have a definitive solution right now.


Darian says a solution to the clouds might finally be on its way. They are studying different solutions as this might change the shield system and probably create a new type of matchmaking to Legendary players. There is date to be released because to main focus of the dev team is the Clan War Leagues. Clouds should be a priority for the next year.


Clash of Clans Clan War League Revealed

Clan War Leagues is the top priority of the dev team and should be the next big update of the game.

How does the Dev Team feel about revamping Friendly Challenges to be more user friendly?

We weren't really sure what the intention of this question was. If the question was directed at the cooldown functionality when editing your base, this is something we do not plan on changing for the sake of the competitive community.

We haven't felt the need to revamp or modify it because it allows members of the Community to host their own tournaments, Clash events, social gatherings, and allows them to challenge a Clan directly. But, like all things in the game, if we feel there is room for improvement we will definitely take a look. Also, if the community has suggestions on what can be improved please make sure to add it to the QoL thread!

What are, if any, considerations to revise the Clan Castle concept?

Since the introduction of Town Hall 12, we’ve released the Siege Machines. This was a new way for deploying Clan Castle Troops and was one of the most radical changes to Troop deployment in a long while. We’ve also added the option to “sleep” your Clan Castle Troops as well. Finally, the UI has been changed to add Magic Items - which has evolved exclusively due to Community input! We will eventually add more Siege Machine options as well.

Is there any consideration going into Builder Base Clan Wars?

We don’t want the Builder Base to follow the same evolutionary path as the Main Village. We designed the Builder Base to have a different play style, but we also recognize that much more can be done apart from just the head-to-head style of play. This year has been largely focused on the Main Village, apart from the introduction of Builder Base 8.

We’ve got some plans for BH9, and we’re currently in the early whiteboard design stages of how we want to evolve the Builder Base further. Our objective is to have the Builder Base continue on its own evolutionary path, separate from the Main Village. But we do want the two bases to remain linked in distinct ways such as the Gear Up upgrades.

In Builder Base, why can’t we attack back-to-back?

This is an interesting question we've been asking ourselves lately, but there is an underlying philosophy behind it. Time invested gives a greater sense of accomplishment and achievement. If Builder Base troops could be instantly trained, we didn't want to have that request start making its way over to the Main Village. We wanted there to be a feeling of investment with the Builder Base, but easier and less time consuming than the Main Village.