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Sneak Peek: Clock Tower Potion!


Clash of Clans Clock Tower Potion

Hey Clashers, the update is almost here but we are still getting more and more sneak peeks!

This time Supercell announced a new Magic Item, the Clock Tower Potion.

This thick elixir made from ground-up magic cogs activates your Builder Base Clock Tower boost for 30 minutes!

Yes, this potion will activate the Builder Base Clock Tower for 30 minutes. This will be very useful not only to the clashers that love the Builder Base, but also to boost the Gem Mine to all users. It will be very helpful to complete hard/long tasks from the events.


This update will add the Halloween theme and it's being called the "October Update", so it must be released next week. Over the weekend we should get the final sneak peeks and gameplay footage, with the update coming probably next Monday or Tuesday.