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Sneak Peek: New Info about the Magic Hammer!


Clash of Clans Magi Hammers

Today Supercell released a small sneak peek with more details about the new Magic Hammers. 4 types of Magic Hammers will be available: Troops, Buildings, Spells and Heroes.

These Hammers have the ability to start and finish any upgrade, including resources, making them more powerful than Magic Books. The only way to get them is through the Clan War Leagues.

Clash of Clans Using Magic Hammers


Clash of Clans Using Magic Hammers

This is a brand new shop where you can buy items with a new currency. The Magic Hammer will only be available here. The shop will also feature some exclusive itens, including decoration, as we can see on the picture.

Clash of Clans League Shops Decoration Items


This update will add the Halloween theme and it's being called the "October Update", so it must be released next week. Over the weekend we should get the final sneak peeks and gameplay footage, with the update coming probably next Monday or Tuesday.