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Winter Update: Sneak Peek #2 - We've gone BATTY!


Clash of Clans

Bats in the Belfry!

Clash of Clans

We're back with another preview of what's to come in the Winter 2018 Update for Clash of Clans. This time we're showing a brand new Spell: The Bat Spell! This is the first new Spell we've added to Clash of Clans in more than 2 years!

New Spell Factory

Clash of Clans Spell Factory Level 5 Spell Bat

The Dark Spell Factory is about to get a new level for the Bat Spell. The update cost and time might change on the release.

The Bat Spell is available at Town Hall level 10.

Clash of Clans Spell Bat Maxed Out

The Bat Spell can be upgraded to Level 5, depending on your Town Hall level.

So what does the Bat Spell do?

Clash of ClansSpell Bat Horde

The bats make splash damage and target ground defenses. They have very low life and can be easily killed, so they must be used along with other aerial troops. Another good use is to distract single Inferno Tower, this might be very useful as you can release the bats right on the top of the Inferno.

When the Bat Spell is dropped, it will summon a cloud (up to 27 at level 5) of angry Bats that will target your enemy's defenses. The duration os the spell is not confirmed yet, but a maxed out spell takes around 15 seconds to spawn all bats.