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Winter Update: Sneak Peek #3 - Stone Slammer Siege Machine


Clash of Clans Introducing Siege Machine the Stone Slammer

Hello Clashers! In today's preview of the upcoming Winter 2018 Update, Clash of Clans is introducing a new Siege Machine: The Stone Slammer!

This heavy-duty flying mountain is filled to the brim with Bowler's boulders where they are used to visit devastation on your opponent. Unlike its other Siege Machine siblings, the Stone Slammer does not fly directly towards the enemy Town Hall.

Clash of Clans Siege Machine Gameplay

The Stone Slammer targets enemy defenses, and will proceed to drop massive stones causing massive damage to structures and will create subsequent earthquakes that do splash damage to surrounding targets.

Not targeting the Town Hall is a major change from other Siege Machines. This makes this Siege Machine kind of "Balloon" hero, making precision attacks much better and air attacks stronger than ever.

Clash of Clans Stone Slammer Siege Machine Gameplay

Like all other Siege Machines, the Stone Slammer is only available at Town Hall 12 when you upgrade your Siege Workshop to level 3. The Stone Slammer can be upgraded to a max Level 3.

Clash of Clans Stone Slammer Siege Machine Stats