Winter Update Recap: The 10 Biggest Changes of the 2018 Xmas Update!


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Here it is Clashers, the Winter Update has finally arrived, and here is the ultimate recap so you will not miss a thing:

New Troop: Ice Golem

Clash of Clans

Let's start with a short comparison to his big brother, the Golem.

Clash of Clans Ice Golem

The Ice Golem stats are about 50% of the regular Golem. HP, speed, damage and most important, housing space. Using only 15 housing spaces, you can take 2 Ice Golems on the space of 1 regular Golem.

Clash of Clans Ice Golem

What makes the Ice Golem very special are his super abilities. Last year we had the Ice Wizard as a seasonal troop and he was quite popular, with many Clashers asking to make him a regular troop.

Clash of Clans

The Ice Golem has similar powers: he can slow the enemy defenses he is currently attacking. Upon death, he completely freezes all nearby defenses for a few seconds, making him very, very useful.


Clash of Clans New Troop Bar

A very welcome "quality of life" change, a new in game troop selection bar.

Builder Base Balance Changes

• Cannon Cart: DPS reduced by 15%

• Cannon Cart: 3rd Cannon Cart unlocked at level 10

• Baby Dragon: HP increased by 7.5%

• Super P.E.K.K.A: HP reduced by 5%

• Star Laboratory: Upgrade times of Builder Base troops reduced

• Gem Mine: can be upgraded to level 3 at Builder Hall level 3

New Siege Machine: the Stone Slammer!

Clash of Clans Introducing Siege Machine the Stone Slammer

This heavy-duty flying mountain is filled to the brim with Bowler's boulders where they are used to visit devastation on your opponent. Unlike its other Siege Machine siblings, the Stone Slammer does not fly directly towards the enemy Town Hall.

Clash of Clans Siege Machine Gameplay

The Stone Slammer targets enemy defenses, and will proceed to drop massive stones causing massive damage to structures and will create subsequent earthquakes that do splash damage to surrounding targets.

Not targeting the Town Hall is a major change from other Siege Machines. This makes this Siege Machine kind of "Balloon" hero, making precision attacks much better and air attacks stronger than ever.

Clash of Clans Stone Slammer Siege Machine Gameplay

Like all other Siege Machines, the Stone Slammer is only available at Town Hall 12 when you upgrade your Siege Workshop to level 3. The Stone Slammer can be upgraded to a max Level 3.

Clash of Clans Stone Slammer Siege Machine Stats


Clash of Clans

After over two years, here is a brand new spell: The Bat Spell!

The bats make Splash Damage and target ground defenses. They have very low life and can be easily killed, so they must be used along with other aerial troops. Another good use is to distract single Inferno Tower, this might be very useful as you can release the bats right on the top of the Inferno Tower.

Clash of ClansSpell Bat Horde

When the Bat Spell is dropped, it will summon a cloud (up to 27 at level 5) of angry Bats that will target your enemy's defenses. The duration os the spell is not confirmed yet, but a maxed out spell takes around 15 seconds to spawn all bats.

The Bat Spell is available at Town Hall level 10.

Clash of Clans Spell Bat Maxed Out

The Bat Spell can be upgraded to Level 5, depending on your Town Hall level.

New Spell Factory

Clash of Clans Spell Factory Level 5 Spell Bat

To unlock the Bat Spell you must upgrade your Spell Factory first. The update cost and time might change on the release.

Winter 2018 Obstacle

Clash of Clans

Removing it will cost 25,000 Gold but you will receive 75,000 Gold after clearing it.

This will of course come with the traditional Winter theme, complete with snow effects in your village.

New Magic Item: Shovel of Obstacles

Clash of Clans Magic Item Xmas Update Shovel Obstacle

With the Shovel of Obstacles you will be able to move ALL obstacles of your village, including special ones on the borders. It costs 500 gems, but hopefully we will get them on Clan Games.

New Magic Item: Hero Potion

Clash of Clans Magic Item Xmas Update Hero Potion

The Hero Potion adds up to 5 new levels to your Heroes for one hour.

Clash of Clans Magic Item Xmas Update Hero Potion

The level increase is limited by the hero cap (60/60/30) and by the Town Hall level

Clash of Clans Magic Item Xmas Update Hero Potion
Boosted Heroes will show a purple number.


News - Get Ready: Everything We Know About the 2018 Xmas Update! | Clash of Clans

Today you can stack Magic Items from events beyond the Clan Castle capacity. You can have 6/5 Training Potions for example, as long as the 6th was acquired from an Event. This will change and the limit cap will always be the enforced.

Clash of Clans
Overstock will no longer be possible.

If you do not have enough free space to store a particular Magic Item, first you'll have to free up some space, and then tap the "Claim" button from the event tracker. Those Magic Items will then be transferred to your Magic Item inventory, as well as the XP won from completing that challenge.

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