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Winter Update: Balance Changes!


Hello Clashers! The Winter Update arrived just 2 days ago but there is a balance change update arriving today. The Bat Spell if getting a pretty big nerf as it was too strong. Stone Slammer is also changing. The Ice Golem, that I consider very strong, is not going to be modified today, so keep upgrading him, it's a good troop!

Here is the complete change log:

Bat Spell

The number of bats spawned by the Bat Spell has been reduced:

Level 1: 15 > 10
Level 2: 18 > 12
Level 3: 21 > 14
Level 4: 24 > 18
Level 5: 27 > 22

Stone Slammer

Stone Slammer damage modifier against Walls has been increased from 15x to 25x, and a falloff has been added to the Splash Damage dealt. Overall the radius of damage is the same, but now full damage is only dealt to everything immediately adjacent to the targeted building and the damage falls off afterwards. Walls immediately adjacent to the targeted building will always get destroyed regardless of their level.
Stone Slammer HP has been reduced on levels 2 and 3:

Level 2 HP: 6200 > 5900
Level 3 HP: 6800 > 6200

Siege Workshop

Siege Workshop level 3 has been changed to allow you to store up to 6 Siege Machines simultaneously (3 in queue, 3 as available).