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2018 Winter Update: Hidden Quirks and Features!


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Hey Clashers! The Winter Update has arrived with a lot of new content. We all know about the Ice Golem, Bat Spell and Stone Slammer, but this update also brought many cool small changes not many people realize. Let's find out!

Stash Items

Clash of Clans Winter Update Hidden Change Stash Item

All decoration items can know be "stashed" back at the shop. Before this update you could remove decoration items by destroying them and getting a small refund. To get them back you had to re-purchase at full price.

Now you send them to the shop and get back again at no cost when you want. In other words, the shop is now a storage for your purchased items.

Troop Selection Bar

Clash of Clans Winter Update Hidden Change Troop Selection Bar

This is a very good change that unfortunately is only available on a few devices with screens big enough to have a 2 line troop selection bar (probably only tablets).

Clash of Clans Winter Update Hidden Change Troop Selection Bar

This feature is disabled as default. To activate look for the option on your preferences menu. If you don't have a tablet, it's very unlikely you will be able to find this option.

Choose Siege Machine Type During Battle

Clash of Clans Winter Update Hidden Change Choose Siege Machine

Having to choose between Siege Machine or Clan Castle has always been a problem since they were introduced. The way we select was already changed on the last update, but the problem persisted as we often forget to setup the army properly before the attack, and only realize you had a Battle Blimp on your ground attack when you were about to deploy the Siege Machine.

Now this problem is definitely fixed. You can change the Siege Machine at any time during the battle, even after starting it by deploying troops. Of course, once you deploy the Siege Machine you've made your choice and can't change anymore.

Change Warden During Battle

Clash of Clans Winter Update Hidden Change Change Grand Warden Type

Just as the Siege Machine changes, you can also change the Warden type (ground or air) after the battle started. To players that are constantly changing from air to ground attacks, this is a huge quality of life improvement.

New Achievement: Create Supercell ID

Clash of Clans Winter Update Hidden Change Supercell ID Achievement

This is basically a Christmas gift to all Clashers. Just create your Supercell ID and get 50 gems for free.

Siege Workshop Capacity

Clash of Clans Winter Update Hidden Change Siege Machine Workshop Capacity

This change didn't arrive with the update. Upgrading to level 3 to unlock the new Stone Slammer was not increasing the Siege Machine Capacity. After a few complains, the Balance Change that came on two days later increased to 3, which makes sense.

Layout Editor Extra Slot

Clash of Clans Winter Update Hidden Change Layout Editor Extra Slots

Extra layout slots has been requested for a while by the most engaged players. Well, you asked, you got it, but at an extra cost. You can unlock the extra slots with gems.

Magic Items Cap Enforced

Clash of Clans Winter Update Hidden Change Magic Items New Cap
Overstock is no longer possible. :(

This change didn't make to the notes but was announced a while ago. It was probably the first Winter Update change announced.

Before the Winter Update you could stack Magic Items from events beyond the Clan Castle capacity. You could have 6/5 Training Potions for example, as long as the 6th was acquired from an Event. Now the cap is being enforced.

If you do not have enough free space to store a particular Magic Item, first you'll have to free up some space, and then tap the "Claim" button from the event tracker.

Shovel of Obstacles

The Shovel of Obstacles was announced on the Sneak Peeks, but now it is surprisingly the most visited page here on House of Clashers. So I decided to add it here because, well, not many players know about.

Shovel of Obstacles is a Magic Item that has the ability to move any obstacle on your village, including special ones (Christmas trees, Gem Box and the Old Statue on Builder Base).

Clash of Clans Xmas Tree Moved
Christmas Tree being moved by the Shovel of Obstacles

You can also to move special obstacles located at the borders of your village, making this a very special tool.

The expected cost is 500 gems at the Shop, but the Shovel of Obstacles made its debut costing real money.


Clash of Clans Cost

Talking about the Shovel of Obstacles, you can see a purchase that many clash geeks collectors must buy: the Snowman.

This exclusive decoration item is temporarily available at the shop.

Spike-y Cactus

Clash of Clans Winter Update Hidden Change Cactus Brawl Stars

If you thought the Xmas Tree and the Snowman were the only obstacles arriving this Xmas, well, here is one more. The Spike-y Cactus!

Clash of Clans Winter Update Hidden Change Cactus Brawl Stars

What looks like a typical Clash of Clans obstacle is actually a Brawler from Brawl Stars, the new game from Supercell, Spike.

Well, these are all the quirks and features from the Clash of Clans 2018 Winter Update! If you found another cool change, let me know on Twitter @HouseofClashers.