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CWL Championships Announced With $1.000.000 in Prizes!


Clash of Clans

Hello Clashers! Today Supercell teased us with a big surprise for 2019: Clan War Leagues Championships!

Clash of Clans

Championships will be a global event, the first serious effort to take Clash of Clans into the eSports world.

Clash of Clans was not originally designed with eSports in mind. Clan Wars was never an actual fair field to pro battles, as they were not always fair and balanced, so it was not always about skill. Regular matchmaking is more about patience than anything else.

Clash of Clans

With Clan War Leagues the game starts to shift towards eSports. Nothing else matters on the matchmaking, only skills. It was the first step to create a serious battleground to pro players, and next year we should start to see to result of a true competitive game.

Yes, $1.000.000 in prizes!

More info coming soon, stay tuned!