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Lunar New Year Obstacle + 50 level 13 Wall Pieces


Clash of Clans Lunar Year Update

Hey Clashers! Today Supercell released an optional update with 3 small changes:

Lunar New Year Obstacle

Clash of Clans Lunar New Year Obstacle

New Glowy Lantern special obstacle costs 1,000 Builder Base Gold to remove and gives 75,000 BB Elixir. This is a seasonal obstacle that will spawn only in the Builder Base, being the first special obstacle spawning on this village.

Clash of Clans Lunar Builder Hut Skin

In the main village there is a small change to celebrate the the Lunar New Year: the Builder Hut has a special skin.

Level 13 Walls

The limit of level 13 walls was increased by 50 pieces. Now you can max out 250/300 walls.