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Sneak Peek: Massive Cost and Time Reduction to Buildings and Troops!


Clash of Clans | Sneak Peek: Massive Cost and Time Reduction to Buildings and Troops! |

Hello Clashers! Today a MASSIVE time and cost reduction was announced. It will affect troops, buildings and spells, changing the game dynamic specially on lower levels. Some of these have been reduced up to 50%!

Here is the changelog announced:

Troop Training & Spell Brewing Costs Reduced

In the next update, we are making it cheaper to train quite a few troops (reduced training and brewing costs apply to all levels of the troop/spell unless otherwise specified):

• Wall Breaker
• Balloon (costs reduced at levels 1-3)
• Wizard
• Healer (costs reduced at level 5)
• Dragon
• P.E.K.K.A
• Minion
• Hog Rider
• Valkyrie
• Golem
• Witch
• Bowler (costs reduced for level 3 and 4)
• Baby Dragon
• Electro Dragon
• Rage Spell
• Freeze Spell

Laboratory Upgrade Times

But not only will it be cheaper to train some troops and spells - some of them will also get faster upgrades from one level to the next! Laboratory upgrade times have been reduced for the following units and spells:

• Barbarian
• Archer
• Giant
• Goblin
• Wall Breaker
• Balloon
• Wizard
• Healer
• Dragon
• P.E.K.K.A
• Baby Dragon
• Minion
• Hog Rider
• Valkyrie
• Witch (level 2 and 3 upgrade costs have also been reduced)
• Bowler
• Lightning Spell
• Healing Spell
• Rage Spell
• Jump Spell

Building Upgrade Times & Costs

Now onto the buildings and defenses! We have decreased the upgrade times and/or upgrading costs for certain levels of:

• Army Camps
• Town Hall
• Elixir Pump
• Elixir Storage
• Gold Mine
• Gold Storage
• Barracks
• Laboratory
• Cannon
• Archer Tower
• Wizard Tower
• Air Defense
• Clan Castle
• Hidden Tesla
• Spell Factory
• X-Bow
• Dark Elixir Pump
• Dark Elixir Storage
• Dark Barracks
• Air Sweeper
• Bomb Tower
• Inferno Tower
• Eagle Artillery (only time, no changes in costs)
• Siege Workshop (only time, no changes in costs)