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Spring Update Postponed + Book of Heroes Event


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The Spring Update that was scheduled for today (4/1) is now officially postponed for tomorrow (4/2), or until they can fix some bugs recently found.

Here is the official statement:

Hey Chief! We know you were anxiously looking forward to the update today as much as we were, but due to the discovery of a serious bug, we have to push back the update release until tomorrow (April 2nd) until we could resolve the issue.

The Clan War League with new size and reward system that was scheduled to start today is also postponed for tomorrow.

Book of Heroes Event

Clash of Clans | Season Challenges Update Postponed + Book of Heroes Challenge |

In the meantime, a new event called "Town Hall Wrecking" was added to the game. Simply destroy five Town Halls to win a Book of Heroes!

Clash of Clans | Spring Update Postponed + Book of Heroes Event |

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