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House of Clashers 6th Anniversary!


Clash of Clans | House of Clashers 6th Anniversary! | Anniversary

Hey Chief! Usually I don't write about me over here, but this month House of Clashers is celebrating its 6th anniversary! Yes, it's been 6 years already!

The idea of creating an app with tactics, stats and news came back in 2013. With the support from Supercell the app reached Apple's App Store. Here is how the original app looked back then:

Clash of Clans | House of Clashers 6th Anniversary! |
I know, it looks bad and impossible to read! :)

This is how the app is today, over 10 million downloads later:

Clash of Clans | House of Clashers 6th Anniversary! |
House of Clashers and the brand new House of Brawlers.

When a geek decides to write and code about games, I guess we just can't stop. Even after 6 years, I'm still developing new stuff:

This year the big news is the brand new platform and

On these websites you will be able to share your own tips/tactics and translate entire articles, helping to finally make House of Clashers a multi-language app. All synced in real time with the apps, with code developed from scratch over the last year.

Of course, the new websites will also feature all content from the apps. House of Clashers app features more than 100 exclusive guides with over 40.000 words, so it will take some time, but eventually all content will be on the website.

Thank you Clashers for supporting this app (and now website) all these years. Clash on!