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May 2019 Season Challenges has began! Here is the complete reward list!


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Hello Clashers! Today a brand new season of the Clash of Clans Season Challenges started, featuring tons of rewards and a new exclusive skin.

Gladiator Queen

The skin coming on the May 2019 Season Challenges is for the Archer Queen. Clashers, meet the Gladiator Queen!

Clash of Clans | Meet the Gladiator Queen, the New Clash of Clans Skin |

To unlock you must purchase the Gold Pass (U$ 4,99) and complete enough challenges get the ultimate prize.

Clash of Clans | Meet the Gladiator Queen, the New Clash of Clans Skin |

May 2019 Season Challenges Complete Reward List

Just as we expected, the rewards this season are complete insane!

• Silver Tier: 5 Potions, 1 Book of Heroes.

• Gold Tier: 5 Potions, 10x Wall Rings, 4 Books, 2 Shovel of Obstacles, 3 Runes.

This season features 15 rewards on the Silver Tier and 30 on the Gold Tier. Here is the complete rewards list:

Challenge PointsGoldSilver
401 Gem Donations500,000 Gold
80Power Potion-
12010% Builder Boost5,000 Dark Elixir
160Hero Potion-
20010% Research CostTraining Potion
2605x Wall Ring-
32010% Training Boost500,000 Elixir
380Book of Heroes-
440Book of BuildingResource Potion
500Book of Fighting-
580Bigger Season Bank (15m)7,500 Dark Elixir
660Builder Potion-
74015% Research Boost10,000 Dark Elixir
820Shovel of Obstacles-
90015% Builder BoostClock Tower Potion
980Hero Potion-
106015% Training Boost1,000,000 Gold
1140Rune of Gold-
1220Rune of ElixirBuilder Potion
1300Rune of Dark Elixir-
1400Bigger Season Bank1,000,000 Elixir
1500Power Potion-
160020% Research Boost1,500,000 Gold
17005x Wall Ring-
185020% Builder BoostPower Potion
2000Shovel of Obstacles-
215020% Training Boost15,000 Dark Elixir
2300Book of Spells-
2450Bigger Season Bank (25m)1,500,000 Elixir
2600Gladiator QueenBook of Heroes