Clash of Clans Update: Hog Glider, Lava Launcher, O.T.T.O Hut and Practice Mode Announced!


Hey Clashers! Today a HUGE Sneak Peek was announced, explaining everything that will come on the brand new Builder Hall 9! Get ready, we have a new troop, a new defense and O.T.T.O, a brand new builder that allows the Master Builder to travel between both villages as an extra builder!

But it's not all about the Builder Base, a Practice Mode was announced for the Main Village and, at last, the Operation Blue Skies was finally confirmed (but will be explained on the next sneak peek).

Builder Hall 9

Clash of Clans | Builder Hall 9 Picture

The Builder Hall 9 upgrade costs 3.800.000 Gold and takes 6 days to complete. Here is everything you will unlock with the new Builder Hall 9:

Clash of Clans Builder Hall 9 Unlocks

- 1x NEW: Lava Launcher

- 1x NEW: O.T.T.O Hut

- 20x Walls

- 1x Firecrackers

- 1x Spring Trap

- 1x Mega Mine

New Troop: Hog Glider

Clash of Clans Hog Glider

Two years ago when a few troops decided to go across the ocean to discover the Builder Base the Hog Rider never showed up on the other side. This is now fixed with the Hog Glider!

The Hog Glider is single target flying unit that targets defenses. Once he hits a defense, he stuns it for a few seconds.

Clash of Clans Hog Glider in action

Once he is destroyed he will automatically drop from the glider and act as a normal Hog Rider.

Hog Glider Stats
Favorite Target:Damage Type:Targets:Unit per Camp:Movement Speed:
DefensesSingle TargetGround224
Hog Rider Stats:
Spring Weight:Movement Speed:
LevelCostUpgrade TimeAbility
1NANA140/75* DPS and 450/900* HP
216000001 dayStunning Glide – Stuns target for 4 seconds on impact
317000001 dayIncrease Hog Rider DPS +8 and HP +80
418000002 daysIncrease Hog Rider DPS +8 and HP +99
519000002 daysIncrease Hog Rider DPS +9 and HP +109
620000003 daysStunning Glide increased to 5 seconds
722000003 daysIncrease Hog Rider DPS +10 and HP +120
824000004 daysNumber of units per Army Camp +1
926000004 daysIncrease Hog Rider DPS +11 and HP +132
1028000004 daysIncreases Damage +40 and Hitpoints +100**
1130000004 daysIncrease Hog Rider DPS +12 and HP +145
1232000004 daysStunning Glide increased to 6 seconds
1334000004 daysIncrease Hog Rider DPS +13 and HP +160
1436000004 daysIncreases Damage +40 and Hitpoints +100**
1538000004 daysIncrease Hog Rider DPS +15 and HP +176
1640000004 daysStunning Glide increased to 7 seconds
1742000005 daysIncrease Hog Rider DPS +16 and HP +193
1844000005 daysIncrease Hog Rider DPS +18 and HP +212
*First number is for Hog Glider/Second number is for Hog Rider

**Stats are for Hog Glider

Level 18 Troops

All Troops can now be upgraded to level 18. Below are the following stat changes when you upgrade your Star Laboratory to level 9:

Raged Barbarians:

Level 17: +10 DPS and +29 HP

Level 18: Improved Rage Ability

Sneaky Archers:

Level 17: +7 DPS and +20 HP

Level 18: +2 units per Army Camp

Boxer Giant

Level 17: +7 DPS and +279 HP

Level 18: +8 DPS and +307 HP

Beta Minion

Level 17: +7 DPS and +20 HP

Level 18: +2 units per Army Camp


Level 17: +7 DPS and +20 HP

Level 18: Improves Big Bomb ability

Baby Dragon

Level 17: +8 DPS and +127 HP

Level 18: +1 units per Army Camp

Cannon Cart

Level 17: +17 DPS and +39 HP

Level 18: +18 DPS and +43 HP

Night Witch

Level 17: +18 DPS and +39 HP

Level 18: +19 DPS and +43 HP

Drop Ship

Level 17: +257 HP

Level 18: +283 HP

Super P.E.K.K.A

Level 17: +59 DPS and +611 HP

Level 18: +65 DPS and +672 HP

New Defense: Lava Launcher

Clash of Clans New Lava Launcher

The Lava Launcher is a very long range defense that hurls slabs of molten rock and sets that ground on fire!

Clash of Clans New Lava Launcher in action

Once the troops run over that area they will take damage for a certain length of time.

Clash of Clans Lava Launcher Range

As you can see, the Lava Launcher range is massive! And what about the dead zone on the center? Huge! Basically you can only reach enemy troops outside the walls of your village, so always place it near the center.

Lava Launcher Stats
Build Time:Range:Damage Type:Targets:Favorite Target:
24 hours10-20 tilesArea SplashGroundAny
LevelCostUpgrade TimeStats
13000000NA3/200* DPS and 500 HP
231000001 day4/220* DPS and 575 HP
332000002 days5/240* DPS and 661 HP
433000002 days7/260* DPS and 760 HP
537000003 days8/280* DPS and 874 HP
640000003 days9/300* DPS and 1005 HP
743000004 days10/320* DPS and 1156 HP
846000005 days11/340* DPS and 1329 HP
949000005 days12/360* DPS and 1395 HP

NEW: O.T.T.O Hut

Clash of Clans O.T.T.O Hut

The O.T.T.O Hut is unlocked once you reach the Builder Hall 9 and you must upgrade it before you unlock the O.T.T.O, the Master Builder latest invention.

Clash of Clans O.T.T.O

You do that by completing some requirements. You don't use resources, but you use prerequisites, similar to quests. Basically, you must be a maxed Builder Hall 9 to actually unlock O.T.T.O.

Clash of Clans O.T.T.O Menu

At last, when you reach Level 5 you will finally unlock O.T.T.O!

Clash of Clans OTTO Hut Maxed

Once you unlock O.T.T.O, he will be the second builder on the Builder Base! Yes, you will finally be able to upgrade 2 buildings at the same time. With an extra builder, the Master Builder will finally be able to travel without issues to the Main Village and work as a regular builder over there, becoming the 6th builder of the Home Village.

However, to be able to travel to your Main Village you must first place the Master Builder Hut over there:

Clash of Clans Master Builder Hut Home Village

Well, it's done! Now you can travel the Master Builder to your Home Village!

Clash of Clans O.T.T.O in action

If you later want to move him back to the Builder Base, you can. The Master Builder will become an extra builder that you can choose where you want him to work, Builder Base or Home Village.

Clash of Clans O.T.T.O Travel Option

Practice Mode

Clash of Clans Practice Mode Menu

Now there is a Practice Mode on the Main Attack menu of your Home Village. Now there are three options: Single Player (Goblin Maps), Multiplayer and Practice.

Clash of Clans Practice Menu 2

All troops and formations are already pre-made so you don't have to spend resources on them.

Clash of Clans Practice Mode in Action

As you unlock new Town Hall levels and Troops, new army formations will be added automatically to the Practice Mode.

Next Sneak Peek

The next and final Sneak Peek explaining how the Operation Blue Skies will work will be revealed on June 13th.

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