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Hey Clashers! The big Sneak Peeks for the June 2019 Update are over and the update will be released in a few days, but as expected during the weekend Clash of Clans team is explaining some of the new features coming on this update.

Today we've got complete details about the new Practice Mode. This feature was announced a few days ago, but only now it was fully explained.

New Practice Mode

Clash of Clans New Practice Mode Tutorial

The new Practice mode works as an extended tutorial. There are 17 levels and they are unlocked as you upgrade your Town Hall. There is no timer to complete the attacks, you can take as much time as you want.

Each level features pre-built Troops and Villages. There is no need to train the armies. Some armies are actually pro formations and this is very cool. The game will teach you some pro tactics.

Clash of Clans Sneak Peek New Practice Mode Queen Walk Tutorial
Queen Walk tutorial

On the first time you play each tutorial, the game will instruct you with tips of which troops you should use and where you should deploy them. On the second time, you are free to try your own strategies.

Even tough it's a Practice Mode, the rewards are real and you can keep the loot stolen the first time you attack the village. It's similar to the Single Player maps (Goblin Maps). You can attack as many times as you want, but only get loot on the first time.

As you progress on the game and upgrade your Town Hall, new army formations and maps will be added to the Practice Mode. The idea is to have a new space where you can train and understand how the troops, defenses and heroes you have just unlocked work.

Completing all 17 levels will reward you with with almost 5.5 million Gold/Elixir and 42,000 Dark Elixir.

New Share Village System

Clash of Clans Sneak Peek Share Village System Explained

Now you can share your layouts with clanmates and the community. You can copy a link to the layout and share where you want, even outside the game.

This feature creates a snapshot of your village, so later changes on the village will not affect the village you have just shared.

Release Date

The big Sneak Peeks are officially over, but since we never get the update on weekends, my guess is that the update will be released next Monday (06/17) or Tuesday (06/18). However, over the weekend we should keep getting extra details and FAQ about the update, so stay tuned.

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