June 2019 Update: Hidden Changes and Features


Clash of Clans | Sumer 2019 Update: Hidden Changes |

Hello Clashers! As we always do here on House of Clashers after every update, let's find out all the hidden changes and small features from the last update!

We already know about the main features from the update such as O.T.T.O, Hog Glider, Builder Hall 9, Legend League rework and the new Practice Mode, but here are the hidden changes that you (probably) don't know!

Battle Machine without Master Builder

Clash of Clans Summer 2019 Battle Machine Level 30

The Battle Machine has always been controlled by the Master Builder during battles, but with the new O.T.T.O and the possibility to move the Master Builder to your Home Village, he had to find a solution.

Clash of Clans Summer 2019 Update Battle Machine Level 30 Knocked Out
Knocked Out Battle Machine

When you upgrade to level 30 (which is required to unlock O.T.T.O) the Battle Machine will feature a new visual with a closed cabin. You can no longer see who is inside.

New Inferno Tower

Clash of Clans | Summer 2019 Update: Hidden Changes and Features |

Inferno Tower got a new look.

3D Warden

Clash of Clans | Summer 2019 Update: Hidden Changes and Features | 3d Warden choose skin

The Grand Warden was the only Hero from the Home Village that was not 3D, but this was changed on this update and he is finally ready to get his first skin.

All New Warden on Defense

Clash of Clans | Summer 2019 Update: Hidden Changes and Features |

The new Grand Warden visual was not only on offense, the defense Warden got a brand new look as well.

Prestige Trophies on Builder Base

Clash of Clans | Summer 2019 Update: Hidden Changes and Features | Prestige Points

Now the Builder Base has Prestige Trophies, a similar feature to the Legendary Trophies on your Home Village.

When a season ends all trophies over 4.000 will become Prestige Trophies. This change is retroactive, so you might already have some Prestige Trophies from previous seasons.

Live Defense on Legend League

Clash of Clans | Summer 2019 Update: Hidden Changes and Features | Live Defense

Legendary Players don't have shields anymore, they can be attacked at any time (limited to 8 attacks/defenses a day). For this reason, you can be attacked even when you are online. If you are the lucky one to be online while this is happening, you can watch the live defense.

Revenge is Over on Legend League

The new Legend League has an all new matchmaking system. With 8 villages to already chosen to be attacked, the revenge button is now officially over.

Season Challenges Reward List

Clash of Clans | Summer 2019 Update: Hidden Changes and Features | Reward List

The Season Challenges reward list got a bit better. Now there is a tab with "claimed" and "unclaimed" items so you can easily find out the rewards you haven't claimed yet.

Move Loot cart with shovel of obstacles

With overfilled storages by the Season Bank, we have a new problem: the Loot Cart can't be collected and becomes an actual obstacle and can't be removed or moved. This is a common problem specially to players with maxed out heroes that can't spend the Dark Elixir, and for this reason, can't collect the Loot Cart.

Well, now you can move with the Shovel of Obstacles to a fixed position.

However, the "fixed" Loot Cart is not a problem to Legendary Players. As you climb to the new matchmaking you will no longer lose resources on defenses and the Loot Cart will no longer appear.

Season Bank and Filled Storages

Clash of Clans | Summer 2019 Update: Hidden Changes and Features |
If your storages are full, Season Bank will no longer collect resources

If you storages are full, the loot stolen on multiplayer will no longer go towards the Season Bank.

This change was done to prevent users from accumulating millions and millions every season. If you don't spend the resources, you can't fill the Season Bank anymore.

This will affect pretty much only maxed out players that were accumulating enough loot to upgrade dozens of buildings. Since Legend Player no longer lose resources on defenses, they would be able to pile up unlimited resources forever. Not anymore.

Training Potion on League Shop

The Training Potion is now available at the League Shop for only 10 League Medals.

Another changes were made on the League Shop: 7-days cooldown to Magic Hammers and Builder Potion price increased from 15 to 30 League Medals.

New Share Village Option

Summer 2019 Update: Hidden Changes and Features | Clash of Clans

Now you can share your layouts with clanmates and the community. You can copy a link to the layout and share where you want, even outside the game.

I'll be sharing great layouts and making competitions on Twitter. If you want to participate or is only looking for great layouts, follow me on Twitter @HouseofClashers.

Found another hidden change? Let me know on Twitter @HouseofClashers and I'll update this article too.