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July 2019 Season Challenges: Valkyrie Queen Skin and Rewards List


Clash of Clans | July 2019 Season Challenges: Valkyrie Queen Skin and Rewards List |

Today starts a brand new Season Challenges on Clash of Clans! As always, there are tons of rewards to all users and a special skin if you purchase the Gold Pass.

Valkyrie Queen

Clash of Clans July 2019 Season Challenges

This Season we have an Archer Queen skin as the ultimate reward, the Valkyrie Queen. This is probably the most beautiful skin so far, the visual and animations are absolutely stunning.

Unlocking the Skin

Clash of Clans Valkyrie Queen Season Challenges Road

To unlock this skin you must purchase the Gold Pass for 5 US Dollars and complete enough challenges to to unlock the all rewards. The Season lasts all month and you can purchase the Gold Pass at any time.

If you have any question about how this works, please check our complete Season Challenges tutorial.

Gameplay Pictures

Here is the new Queen skin in action:

Clash of Clans Valkyrie Queen Skin Gameplay
Clash of Clans Valkyrie Queen Skin Gameplay

Keep in mind that this is just a visual change, the stats and gameplay will not change, the game remains 100% free to play.

July 2019 Season Challenges Rewards

This Season Challenges features the following rewards: 4 Magic Books, 2 Shovel of Obstacles, 2 Runes, 15 Wall Rings, 10 Potions and 1 Hero Skin. As always, there are also the perks Builder Boost, Research Boost, Training Boost, 1 Gem Donation and the Season Bank to users with the Gold Pass.

Here is the complete list. The Silver Tier is free to all players, the Gold Tier costs 5 US Dollars:

Challenge PointsGoldSilver
401 Gem Donations500,000 Gold
80Book of Building-
12010% Builder Boost5,000 Dark Elixir
160Book of Heroes-
20010% Research BoostTraining Potion
260Book of Fighting-
32010% Training Boost500,000 Elixir
380Hero Potion-
440Power PotionResource Potion
5005x Wall Ring-
580Bigger Season Bank (15m)7,500 Dark Elixir
660Builder Potion-
74015% Research Boost10,000 Dark Elixir
820Shovel of Obstacles-
90015% Builder BoostClock Tower Potion
980Hero Potion-
106015% Training Boost1,000,000 Gold
1140Rune of Gold-
1220Rune of ElixirBuilder Potion
13005x Wall Ring-
1400Bigger Season Bank (20m)1,000,000 Elixir
1500Power Potion-
160020% Research Boost1,500,000 Gold
17005x Wall Ring-
185020% Builder BoostPower Potion
2000Shovel of Obstacles-
215020% Training Potion15,000 Dark Elixir
2300Book of Spells-
2450Bigger Season Bank (25m)1,500,000 Elixir
2600Valkyrie Queen SkinBook of Heroes