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Optional Update: New Legends Battle Log & Bug Fixes


June 2019 Clan Games

Hello Clashers! Today an optional Clash of Clans update with bug fixes and quality of life changes was released. The biggest change is a very useful new battle log for the Legend League:

Clash of Clans | Optional Update: Legends Battle Log & Bug Fixes |

Now we can see how many battles were on defense and attack on the current and previous day. Very useful to find out if we ended up winning or losing trophies on that day.

Here is the complete change log:

• Legends Attack menu gains a Battle Log tab showing your attacks and defenses from the current and previous League Days, to more easily help you see how you are doing overall;

• Allow changing Hero Skin while Hero is upgrading;

• Stopped Level Up! animation from playing while you are in the middle of an attack. Now it will show when you get back to your own village;

• Fixed Builder Base attack screen to show multiple buildings/traps under construction

• Show correct Town Hall 12 weapon level in Village previews and in Player profile

Optional Update version numbers, according to store:

iOS and GooglePlay: v11.651.19

Amazon and Tencent: v11.651.20

Kunlun and Cafe Bazaar: v11.651.21

That's all today. It was just a small update with minor improvements, but Legendary players are going to love. :)

September Skin

This Friday we have another qualifier for the Clash of Clans World Championship. As expected, we should see the next Season Challenges skin in action, so stay tuned! :)