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Meet Autumn Queen, the September Clash of Clans Skin + Gold Pass Giveaway


Clash of Clans | Autumn Queen Art

Hey Clashers, the next Season Challenges skin has just been revealed and confirmed on the Clash of Clans World Championship qualifier! The Archer Queen is getting its third skin and she looks absolutely amazing:

Autumn Queen Skin in action

Even tough the skin is confirmed, the name is not. It's currently being called as "Autumn Queen" but this is just a speculation so far.

These pictures were taken from the live stream of the tournament on YouTube, so we should be able to get some high quality images pretty soon. At any moment this post will be updated with the official Archer art and high quality gameplay images.

Autumn Queen Skin in action

The current season ends Sunday (31/08) and you can still purchase the Gold Pass to unlock the Party Warden up to 24 hours before the deadline (30/08). The next Season starts on September 1st.

Unlocking the Autumn Queen

The cost for the September Gold Pass is 5 US Dollars. If you have any question about how Season Challenges works, please check our complete tutorial.

Free Skin / Gold Pass Giveaway

As we always do on the start of every season, we are giving away several skins / Gold Passes to our followers on Twitter. Follow @HouseofClashers and follow the instructions on the last tweet for a chance to win a Gold Pass and the Skin!