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Clash of Clans Community Manager Interview: Game Future, Update, Global Chat


Sneak Peeks

Hello Clashers! Today the YouTuber Galadon released a video interview with the Clash of Clans community Manager Darian where he talked about the game future.

Here are the some "sneak peeks" we had on the interview:

• There are 2 updates planned for this year: one in October and one in the end of the year, the Christmas update.

• Global chat is going away and it's not coming back.

• Without Global Chat a new recruitment tool will be added to make it easier to look for new players, where leaders will be able find potential clanmates and invite them. More details coming on a dev video next week. The system will have a Machine Learning on the back to make sure the clans will be able to recruit great players once the chat goes away.

• With the World Championship Finals in the end of October, we should not see many gameplay changes on the October update. No troop levels and spell levels as it would not be fair to the competitors to change the meta a few days before the finals.

• On the other hand, the Christmas update should be quite the opposite, with new gameplay features and might include new levels and balancing. It might be Town Hall 13, but it's not confirmed.

• There will be a lot of new "end game" content for the maxed out players on the Xmas update. One of the challenges they are working on a fix is what max out players can do with all resources they are getting from Season Challenges and can't use. All that Gold sits there forever and it's useless.

• With the 3D Heroes introduced a couple of months ago, it made possible to make many visual improvements on the Heroes and there is more to come. They are adding particle effects to the Hero skins. For example, if the King was on a "Fire Skin" he would leave fire footsteps or would have a fiery glow around him.