October 2019 Update: Everything We Know About the Halloween Update


Clash of Clans | October 2019 Update: Everything We Know About the Halloween Update |

Hello Clashers! The Halloween update is coming today (10/16)!

With the World Championship on the end of October, the developer team decided to not make any gameplay changes on the Halloween update. Adding new troop or spell levels would change the meta, layouts and army formations only a few days before the competition.

So on this update we will get basically Quality of Life changes and Halloween stuff (theme, seasonal troops and events). However, this is going to be laying down the groundwork for a massive update that is planned for the end of the year.

Here are 14 changes coming on this update:


  1. 1. Royal Ghost
    1. 1.1. Special Ability
    2. 1.2. Strategies
  2. 2. Halloween Obstacle
  3. 3. Global Chat is Being Removed
  4. 4. New Recruitment System
  5. 5. Loot Cart Position
  6. 6. Season Challenges Changes
  7. 7. Quick Train Slots
  8. 8. Clan Games Changes
    1. 8.1. Task Revive
    2. 8.2. Bonus Reward for High Achievers
  9. 9. Legend League Base Cooldown
  10. 10. Builder Base Changes
  11. 11. Titan League Village Guard
  12. 12. Grand Warden AI
  13. 13. Single Map Changes
  14. 14. Visual Changes
  15. 15. Halloween Update Release Date

Royal Ghost

Clash of Clans | Halloween Troop and Obstacle Revealed: Meet the Royal Ghost! |

Royal Ghost is a seasonal troops coming this Halloween. He is a single target unit that uses 8 housing spaces, targets ground only and can be trained with regular Elixir. Since he is a temporary troop, his level is based on your Town Hall. For example, Town Hall 12 will have a level 7 Royal Ghost.

With a speed of only 16 he is not quite fast, but his special ability makes him a very good troop.

Special Ability

Clash of Clans | Halloween Troop and Obstacle Revealed: Meet the Royal Ghost! |

He features a special ability that really makes him shine: similar to Sneaky Archer from the Builder Base, the Royal Ghost has the ability to remain invisible for 12 seconds, so he can destroy a few buildings without being targeted by the defenses.

However, he still trigger traps while invisible and can be damaged by splash damage defenses that targets nearby troops, such as Mortar and Eagle Artillery. He also triggers the Tesla while invisible, but the Tesla will not attack until he becomes visible.

Another cool feature is that he is capable of walking through walls on the first 12 seconds. Yes, he just pass them as if they don't exist!


Clash of Clans | Halloween Troop and Obstacle Revealed: Meet the Royal Ghost! |

With these special abilities he is an amazing troop to clean buildings outside the walls and make funneling easier. However, he is quite a slow troop, so be careful to not spend too much time preparing the funneling.

Royal Ghost is a support troop so massive Royal Ghost attacks are not really good, but they are super fun. After the ability is over in 12 seconds, he becomes a not really good regular troop. He will not be able to go through walls anymore and will be easily killed by the defenses.

Halloween Obstacle

Clash of Clans | Halloween Troop and Obstacle Revealed: Meet the Royal Ghost! |

Here is the first look on the Halloween obstacle. This year it's a spooky tree!

Global Chat is Being Removed

The Global Chat is being removed from the game. For good. Here is the official official explanation.

New Recruitment System

Clash of Clans | October 2019 Quality of Life Changes |

With the end of the Global Chat a new recruitment system is coming on the October update.

To make it easier to find the right player to to the right clan, players and clans will be able to pick 3 labels where they will categorize themselves.

Clash of Clans | October 2019 Quality of Life Changes |

If you are looking for a particular playstyle such as wether you are a social player, Clan War League player or Clan Games player, there will be a variety of labels where you can describe yourself and look for clans that have similar priorities.

These parts will be taken into a recommendation engine.

Clash of Clans | October 2019 Quality of Life Changes |

Leaders and Co-Leaders will also have access to a new search system to find the right players according to the labels they've picked.

Loot Cart Position

Clash of Clans | News | Sneak Peeks - October 2019 Update - Everything We Know About the Autumn Update! |

The Loot Cart will now be on a fixed place next to The Trader and Clan Games Strongman's Caravan.

Season Challenges Changes

There are a few UI changes coming to the Season Challenges, to make it easier to understand and play.

There are 3 new Season Challenge types

  • Win X battles using Y troops of a certain type.
  • Win X battles using Y spells of a certain type.
  • Win X War attacks.

There is also a new achievement called “Well Seasoned” for reaching certain point thresholds in the Season Challenges.

Quick Train Slots

The slots of army compositions will be increased from 3 to 6.

Clan Games Changes

Clash of Clans | October 2019 Update Sneak Peek: New Recruitment System, Clan Games Changes and more! |

Task Revive

If you’ve ever grabbed a task for Clan Games but you either forgot about it, got interrupted and couldn’t get back to it in time, or simply couldn’t finish it, we’re adding a new option to revive expired tasks through Gems.

Bonus Reward for High Achievers

If you’re someone who scores max points, you’ll be able to choose an additional reward from any of the unlocked tiers at the end of the Clan Games. This will reward those over-achievers in the Clan with extra loot.

Legend League Base Cooldown

In the Legend League, the layout cooldown calculation will now take into account how much matchmaking time is remaining and will adjust the cooldown accordingly, which should result in shorter cooldowns.

Builder Base Changes

The Builder Base trophy reset will be increased from 4000 to 5000 Trophies.

Gold Mine and Elixir Collector will now store 24h worth of production instead of 12h.

Titan League Village Guard

To reduce the Clouds in Titan Leagues, Guard length has been reduced.

  • 3h -> 2.5h in Titan 2
  • 4h -> 3h in Titan 1

Grand Warden AI

Grand Warden’s AI has been improved so he won’t randomly abandon his group as easily.

Single Map Changes

A warning is now shown Single Player maps if your Town Hall level is too low for the selected map.

Visual Changes

With the 3D Heroes introduced a couple of months ago, it made possible to make many visual improvements on the Heroes and there is more to come. They are adding particle effects to the Hero skins. For example, if the King was on a "Fire Skin" he would leave fire footsteps or would have a fiery glow around him.

Halloween Update Release Date

Today, 16/10!