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October 2019 Halloween Update: Hidden Changes and Features


Clash of Clans | October 2019 Update: Hidden Changes and Features |

As we always do here on House of Clashers, it's time to find out all the hidden changes of last Clash of Clans update!

These are small and hidden features not announced on the Sneak Peeks. Some of them actually made to the final change log, some ended up being completely unannounced. Well, here are some changes you (probably) didn't know:


  1. 1. Are you ready for Christmas?
  2. 2. New Clan Profile
  3. 3. New Player Profile
  4. 4. Village Preview is Gone
  5. 5. Ready for the 4th Hero?
  6. 6. New Party Warden Sounds
  7. 7. Season Challenges UI Changes
  8. 8. Training Order
  9. 9. Legendary Trophy
  10. 10. Builder Base Trophy Reset and Rewards
  11. 11. Support Content Creators
  12. 12. Titan League Village Guard
  13. 13. Grand Warden AI
  14. 14. Single Map Changes
  15. 15. Found another change? Contact me!

Are you ready for Christmas?

The October (Halloween) Update was released last week and yes, it was quite small, but for two big reasons:

  • With the World Championship starting this Friday (10/24), the developer team decided to not change any troops or add any new levels. This would affect the gameplay only a few days before the finals. With 1 million dollars in rewards, it is a big deal to many players. On this event we should probably see the November Skin in action, so stay tuned.
  • The December update will be... massive. The October update is laying down the groundwork for a massive update that is planned for the end of the year.

New Clan Profile

Clash of Clans | October 2019 Update: Hidden Changes and Features |

The Clan Profile was completely redesigned. All information is not only bigger, but it is also easier to see the War Log, Challenge and Join buttons.

New Player Profile

Clash of Clans | Halloween Update Hidden Changes and Features |

The Player Profile was also changed. The troops and spell icons are now pretty big and uses the entire screen. The Heroes are also HUGE so we can see the cool skins with more details.

Village Preview is Gone

Before the update you could see a preview of the village through the profile. The button is gone. If you want to see village you must actually visit it.

Ready for the 4th Hero?

Clash of Clans | Halloween Update Hidden Changes and Features |

A fun fact is that it really looks like the Heroes tab was made... for 4 heroes! There is a blank space over there, c'mon. Who knows what we will get on the Christmas update...

New Party Warden Sounds

The Party Warden skin got a couple of new sounds. Now he really likes to talk while attacking. :)

Season Challenges UI Changes

During the Sneak Peeks UI changes for the Season Challenges were announced, but they didn't provide any pictures. Now that the update is here we can see that the changes... were very small. The contrast ratio was increased on the timers, the icon positions were slight changed and other minor changes were made.

Training Order

Clash of Clans | Halloween Update Hidden Changes and Features |

We knew that on this update the number of training slots were going to be increased from 3 to 6, right?

Well, but this was not the only change: Quick Train saved armies now trains troops and spells in the order you add them while creating the saved army.

This change has been asked for a while as it makes easier to donate troops since you can choose the training order.

Note that all troops or spells of the same type will train together - e.g. in one army you cannot specify training one Golem, some other troops and then another Golem;

Legendary Trophy

Players who get a Legend League defense against them that scores 0 stars don't lose trophies anymore. The player who attacks them will still gain some Trophies though per the old rules. This change was made made based on player feedback, and it also felt better that players can celebrate a defense win.

Builder Base Trophy Reset and Rewards

The Builder Base trophy reset is now at 5000 instead of 4000. With this change, the rewards from 5000~6000 were also improved. You can see the updated table on the Versus Battle guide.

Support Content Creators

Clash of Clans | Halloween Update Hidden Changes and Features |

We don't really know how this works, but now you can support a Clash of Clans Content Creator. Some YouTubers have a code that you can enter here and they will be supported by you (through your purchases, I guess).

Clash of Clans | Halloween Update Hidden Changes and Features |

Unfortunately House of Clashers doesn't have a code... yet. Maybe soon. :)

Titan League Village Guard

To reduce the Clouds in Titan Leagues, Guard length has been reduced.

  • 3h -> 2.5h in Titan 2
  • 4h -> 3h in Titan 1

Grand Warden AI

Grand Warden’s AI has been improved so he won’t randomly abandon his group as easily.

Single Map Changes

A warning is now shown Single Player maps if your Town Hall level is too low for the selected map.

Found another change? Contact me!

These are the small hidden changes made without announcement. For the complete list of all changes, check our Halloween update review.

If you found another hidden change, hit me on Twitter @HouseofClashers and I will update the article!