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Clash of Clans Town Hall 13 Official Reveal + Giga Inferno!


Clash of Clans | Clash of Clans Town Hall 13 Officially Revealed! |

The sky darkens and searing, fiery plasma arcs to incinerate its swarming foes

The biggest update on Clash of Clans history is about to arrive! Clashers, get ready for the Town Hall 13. Today the first sneak peek was revealed and it finally showed the highly anticipated Town Hall 13!


  1. 1. Town Hall 13
  2. 2. Giga Inferno
  3. 3. Special Ability: Freeze
  4. 4. New Defense and Troop Levels
  5. 5. Upgrading to Town Hall 13
  6. 6. Free Skin / Gold Pass Giveaway

Town Hall 13

Town Hall 13 Maxed Out

Town Hall 13 theme is “Dark Elixir and Ice”, or if you want, Fire and Ice. You will notice both elements through the entire village.

Giga Inferno

Town Hall 13 Giga Inferno

The new Town Hall comes with a special defense as well, the Giga Inferno!

The Giga Inferno is a multi-target Inferno Tower that must be activated, similar to the current Giga Tesla from the Town Hall 12.

It has 5 levels and starting on level 3 it adds a special ability, freeze!

Special Ability: Freeze

Town Hall 13 Giga Inferno Explosion

The Town Hall 13 still explodes, just as the level 5 Town Hall 12, but this explosion now features a special ability: a haze of ice will blanket an area surrounding, slowing the enemies down for a duration of time depending on the level of the Giga Inferno.

Town Hall 13 Giga Inferno Freeze

This is not exactly like a freeze spell, it just slows down the troops for a few seconds.

This haze of ice can't be stopped by the Warden Eternal Tome. Warden can protect from damage, but not from the ice.

New Defense and Troop Levels

This is not confirmed, but by going through YouTube videos we can see many troops and buildings that can be now upgraded. Here is the rumored list:

  • New Level on Balloon
  • New Level on Dragon
  • New Level on Electro Dragon
  • New Level on Hogs
  • New Level on Wall Breakers
  • New Level on Healers
  • New Level on Miners
  • New Level on Bowlers
  • New levels on Storages
  • Gold Storage holding 18M
  • Elixir Storage holding 18M
  • Dark Elixir Storage holding 250K
  • New Level on Healing Spell
  • New Level on Jump Spell
  • New Level on Skeleton Spell
  • New Hero Levels

Almost every Building Except Mortar , Archer Tower & Air Sweeper getting an upgrade.

Upgrading to Town Hall 13

To be able to upgrade to the Town Hall 13 you need to fully upgrade your Town Hall 12 - including the Giga Tesla.

Upgrading the Giga Inferno increases its damage and the duration of the special ability.

The upgrade cost is 12,000,000 Gold and should take 18 days, but this is has not been officially confirmed yet.

Free Skin / Gold Pass Giveaway

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Today more features from Town Hall 13 should be revealed, so this post will be update with more info at any moment. Stay tuned!