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January 2020 Balance Changes Announced


Clash of Clans Balance Changes

Hello Clashers! Today a rare balance changes updates were announced by the Clash team.

Yeti and Royal Champion are getting a small nerf, but the most important change is some fixes to enforce Fair Play rules on high-level games.

Here is the complete list of changes:

  • We are implementing a high priority fix to prevent some players from exploiting high-level multiplayer games, as this exploit goes against our Fair Play values.
  • Level 18 Cannon hitpoints increase from 1860 to 1870 to prevent Royal Champion from one-shotting Level 18 Cannons with her Seeking Shield special ability.
  • Yetimites will no longer trigger Traps.
  • New Community tab where we will be featuring regular videos from your favorite Clash of Clans content creators.
  • Additionally, we will cut the Village Guard time in Titan leagues so it's always 60 minutes (was previously up to 180 minutes). This should help with the bad clouding that gets reported from time to time particularly when there's events going that get players more active.
    • Titan I: 120 minutes > 60 minutes
    • Titan II: 150 minutes > 60 minutes
    • Titan III: 180 minutes > 60 minutes

The Yeti change is similar to the change done with the Witches a while ago. Preventing Yetimites and Skeletons from triggering traps is a small nerf but will make using the Yeti harder.

No further details were given about the Fair Play but hopefully we will find out exactly what is going on pretty soon.

Clash on!