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House of Clashers 7th Anniversary!


Clash of Clans | House of Clashers 7th Anniversary! |

Hello Clashers! This month House of Clashers is celebrating its 7th Anniversary! Sounds crazy, but yes, House of Clashers started back in 2013! When a geek decides to write and code about the game is loves, I guess we just can't stop.

House of Clashers started as an iOS app only with tips and tricks. Here is how the original app looked back then:

Clash of Clans | House of Clashers 6th Anniversary! |
I know, it looks bad and impossible to read! :)

Over the years, I released an Android version of the app, and in 2019 the website, which helped 2019 to be the best year ever with over 11 million pages visited through all platforms.

This Anniversary could not be different, there is a lot of new stuff added to the app:

  • New guides and tutorials added, reaching over 250 articles:
    • Clash-A-Rama
    • ClashBackThursday
    • Layouts: copy TH 12 and 13 layouts directly to the game! (lower Town Halls coming soon)
    • Supercell ID
    • Temporary Items: information, including gameplay pictures, from all seasonal troops, spells, and traps that have been added to the game over the years.
    • Trader
    • Improved Town Hall 13 guides: Scattershot, Giga Inferno, Royal Champion
  • Improvements:
    • All buttons updated with the latest level picture
    • Improved guides: we are currently reviewing and updating all articles from the app with extra illustrations and info
    • Navigation: now you can navigate from between guides through hyperlinks
    • Rearrangement: many guides were moved or merged to improve overall quality and experience

Plans for 2020? Create a new Layouts page where users can submit their own layouts! Another thing I always wanted to do was add a section where users could share their own strategies. There is a lot coming soon!

Thank you for visiting House of Clashers all these years!

Clash On!