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April 2024 Update Sneak Peek #1: Clan tags and More! | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    April 2024 Update Sneak Peek #1: Clan tags and More!

    Tagging in Clan Chat!

    Hey there, fellow Clan members! Exciting news! You can now mention others in the Clan chat! Want to catch the attention of your Clan Leaders or everyone in the Clan? Simply use '@clan' to notify everyone, '@leaders' to alert Co-Leaders and the Leader, or '@player_name' to notify a specific player.

    You have the power to control notifications too! If you'd rather not receive these mentions, just head to Settings > More Settings > Notification Settings > Clan Chat Tagging to turn them off. Remember, this setting is tied to your player avatar, so it applies to each of your accounts separately. By default, it's set to on.

    Enhanced Clan Castle: Double Siege Machine Donations

    Exciting news about the Clan Castle! With the new level, you can now request two Siege Machine upgrades. Here's how it works:

    • You can ask for up to two siege machines, either the same or different ones.
    • A single clan mate can donate up to two siege machines, depending on their Clan Perks.
    • Alternatively, two clan mates can each donate one.
    • During battle, both donated siege machines will be available for selection, even if they're the same type.

    New Defense Setup for Builder Base!

    Just like in Clan Capital, now you can choose a separate Defense Setup in Builder Base!

    Here's what you need to know:

    • You can decorate your active setup without compromising your defense.
    • You can prevent others from copying your defensive setup by simply visiting it.
    • Your Defensive Setup must include all buildings and traps placed in the active setup.

    Your Defensive Setup will be unselected if:

    • You directly edit and save it without placing all buildings and traps.
    • You add a new building or trap to the active setup.
    • You purchase a building or trap from the Shop.

    Keep in mind:

    • If growing obstacles block some buildings and traps in your active setup, the Defensive Setup will be temporarily disabled but not automatically unselected. You can easily re-enable it by removing the obstacles.

    Clan Games Update

    We've made some changes to Clan Games to make them more exciting for you!

    • Certain Builder Base tasks now have a lower chance of being selected, which means you're more likely to see Home Village tasks.
    • We've introduced a new task type: winning battles using selected Hero Equipment.

    Here's how it works:

    • You won't make progress if you own the equipment but don't use it.
    • You won't make progress if you don't deploy the hero equipped with the selected gear.
    • However, you will make progress even if you don't activate the hero's special ability, as long as you're using the equipment and have deployed the Hero.

    Quality of Life Improvements for Better Gameplay Experience

    • We've extended the benefits of Star Bonus multipliers from events and Town Hall upgrades to Ore as well.
    • The Grand Warden is now less inclined to follow Headhunters.
    • The Barbarian Puppet Hero Equipment now provides clear information on the Rage duration and damage boost gained by spawned Barbarians.
    • In the Laboratory, you'll now see a second progress bar specifically for Goblin Research.

    Clan Perks

    Clan LevelTroop Donation LimitSpell Donation LimitSiege Machine Donation Limit
    9 - all others5032

    Clan Perks have been significantly boosted, enabling each player to contribute more troops.

    Bug Fixes

    • Addressed an issue where obstacles were spawning with smaller gem amounts than intended.
    • The Fireball spell now correctly damages both ground and air targets. Previously, it only damaged ground structures and troops when targeting the ground, and air troops when targeting the air.
    • Resolved a visual bug occurring when Overgrowth and Invisibility spells were cast simultaneously.
    • Fixed an issue where traps remained invisible when Freeze or Overgrowth spells were active in the area.
    • Adjusted building bases to match the surrounding scenery in Builder Base after canceling layout editing.
    • The health bar of flying 3D characters has been adjusted to the correct height.
    • Flying Wardens will no longer jump over walls.
    • Fixed the placement of villager shadows, which were previously appearing on top of buildings.
    • Addressed an issue where the Royal Champion's attacks were dealing reduced damage when the Haste Vial ability was active.

    Clan Capital

    • Increased the loot limit per attack from 5333 to 6100 in Capital trophy calculations.
    • Defensive bonuses are now scaled based on the remaining hitpoints of deployed units.

    Clan Wars Updates

    • Town Hall 16 Villages now receive 6 Starry Ore instead of 5 Starry Ore.
    • Clan Wars rewards for losing have been increased from 43% to 50%, and rewards for a tie have been raised from 50% to 57%. These adjustments apply to both resource and ore gains.
    • Wars with 35 vs 35 and 45 vs 45 matchups are now available.
    • Hero Equipment is now factored into matchmaking alongside Town Hall levels.
    • The war roster selection screen now shows each clan member's last seen online time.

    Clan War Signup Changes

    • Clan Leaders and Co-Leaders can now post a Clan War sign-up in Clan Chat, located next to the "Start war" button on the War Map.
    • Only one sign-up item can be posted in the chat at a time.
    • Sign-ups in chat are exclusive to regular Clan Wars and are not available in Clan War League or Friendly Wars.
    • Every Clan member can choose to opt in or out of the next war.
    • Sign-ups can be pinned and will remain until the next war begins.

    Balance Changes

    • Adjustments have been made to the attack speed of the Haste Vial.
    LevelOld Attack Speed Increase %New Attack Speed Increase %

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