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April 2024 Update Sneak Peek #2: Jelly Pet and New Building Levels! | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    April 2024 Update Sneak Peek #2: Jelly Pet and New Building Levels!

    Introducing our New Pet: The Angry Jelly

    Angry Jelly, the new flying pet! Angry Jelly comes equipped with a powerful long-range attack aimed at enemy defenses.

    LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade Duration (hours)TH RequiredAbility Duration (seconds)
    1--16 (Pet House lvl 10)25
    2225,000 DE7216 (Pet House lvl 10)25
    3235,000 DE9616 (Pet House lvl 10)25
    4245,000 DE12016 (Pet House lvl 10)25
    5255,000 DE14416 (Pet House lvl 10)30
    6265,000 DE16816 (Pet House lvl 10)30
    7275,000 DE19216 (Pet House lvl 10)30
    8285,000 DE19216 (Pet House lvl 10)30
    9295,000 DE19216 (Pet House lvl 10)30
    10315,000 DE19216 (Pet House lvl 10)35

    Introducing the Latest Upgrade Levels!

    Exciting news for those seeking a top-notch village: we've rolled out new upgrade levels! Now, you have the opportunity to boost all your walls up to Level 17.

    Furthermore, here's the rundown of the fresh levels along with their upgrade costs and durations for Town Hall 16:

    NameLevelNew Upgrade CostNew Upgrade Duration (hours)
    Clan Castle1221,000,000 Gold372
    Builder's Hut620,000,000 Gold360
    Eagle Artillery722,000,000 Gold372
    Monolith3370,000 DE384
    Pet House1021,500,000 Elixir384
    Yeti621,000,000 Elixir360
    Ice Golem8360,000 DE372
    Electro Titan422,000,000 Elixir384
    Flame Flinger519,000,000 Elixir324

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