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• Hey Clashers! Let’s take a look on some attack tactics for the Builder Base, basically going through all the main changes from what we are used to on the Home Village.


• Army Camps are much, much smaller. With 10 Archers and 4 Giants your Army Camps might be already full.

• With this change, each troop has higher damage per second to compensate, making every single troop very important. Forget about 35 Balloons or 240 “Barch” attacks where you just had to throw your army on the map.

• Now the attacks feel much more strategic, you must plan ahead the deploying of every single troop.


• One of the best new features on the game, now you can change the troops of your army, without extra training time or cost, once you find an attack, but before deploying the first troop.

• Once you find a village to attack, take some time, study the village, the possible position of the traps, plan your attack and adjust the troops according to the village you are about to attack.


• We don’t have spells (yet) on the Builder Base, but the troops have important special abilities. Learn about them and find ways to explore this advantage!


• Talking about Special Abilities, Archers are quite important to find out where the traps are because of the Invisible Cloak.

• The use of small troops looking for traps is not something new, but with fewer troops on you army you can’t just throw them away looking for traps.

• With the special Cloak, the Sneaky Archer is invisible for the first 3 seconds, giving her time to walk and attack without being targeted by the defenses. If she doesn’t find any traps, or after activating Mines, the path is clear to release Giants or other Archers. All these without necessarily wasting the original Archer, she will be still alive.


• With fewer troops and more tactical attacks, the layouts also got more elaborated. The positioning of the traps are more important than ever!

• To force troops moving toward traps, most layouts up to Builder Hall 4 have wall gaps to funnel Giants and Barbarians into traps. Watch out!

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