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Clash of Clans | Builder Base | Strategy Guide | Beginner's Guide |

Welcome to the Builder Base!

The Builder Base is an entirely new village where we can develop and take to unique battles. Don’t think it’s a fresh start for a similar village, it’s a brand new gaming experience with unique rules and characteristics.

Without further due, let's take a closer look at the Builder Base and explain everything:

Unlocking the Builder Base

Clash of Clans | Builder Base | Strategy Guide | Beginner's Guide |

The Builder Base can be accessed by tapping on the Boat at the shore of the Home Village.

First, the boat must be restored and a Town Hall level 4 is required. It doesn't cost anything and it takes only 3 seconds to complete the construction.

Once it is ready, you can tap on the boat and sail to the Builder Base.

What is the Builder Base

Clash of Clans | Builder Base | Strategy Guide | Beginner's Guide |

The Builder Base is a brand new village on Clash of Clans that you must start from scratch. This village is on the same "Clash Universe" and the purpose is also similar: you must construct and upgrade buildings and prepare your Army to fight against enemy villages.

However, there are many differences between the Builder Base and the Home Village that make this new Village very unique and special. Let's explain the Builder Base by comparing to the Home Village that you already know:

Fast Training, No Cost

One of the main complaints from the community has always been the waiting time to prepare your army. This is now fixed. 1 minute per Army Camp, no matter what troop you are training.

That’s not all, there is no cost to train them. You can attack as much as you want at no cost at all! This is a significant change in the resource system and it’s pretty cool.

Attack Style

The Army Camps are very, very small compared to the Home Village. Forget about 240 troops, 35 Bowler attacks, etc. With only 20 Archers and 4 Giants, your Army Camps are now packed.

As a result of this changes the dynamic of the attacks, making them quite different. You can’t just throw troops on the map hoping to take down some buildings. With fewer troops, you must aim and plan ahead every single one of them.

The individual DPS of each troop is also much higher, making every single troop important, even Archers, making the attacks much more strategic.


Another big difference: so far we don't have spells, but each troop features a unique special ability. For example, the Barbarian is deployed with Rage, the Archers with a cloak.

Learn about each troop's ability, this is very important to your attack planning.


Clash of Clans | Builder Base | Strategy Guide | Beginner's Guide |

It doesn’t really matter what troops you have on your Army Camp, before deploying the first one on the battle you can change your army composition at no cost or waiting time.

Now you can select the troops according to the layout of the village you will attack, changing the strategies on the go.


This is a HUGE difference from the Home Village. There are no shields here, you will only be attacked when you attack someone on the Versus Battles.

But that’s not all, you also can’t lose resources on defense. All the resources from the battles are bonuses provided by the game.

Honestly, without shield and losing resources, this village feels more like a “relaxing” base. No stress, just fun. This is a very interesting approach.

Two villages with different shields and being raided at the same time could be a big mess. Eliminating shields and stealing was a really nice move.


This is the true game-changer, this is where all changes come to life: the brand new Versus Battles.

This game mode matches players in head to head matches, similar to 1vs1 Clan Battle. While you are attacking the village, the opponent is attacking your village as well. Whoever does better, getting more stars or making more destruction gets the Win Bonus and steal Trophies from the opponent.

Loot System

Clash of Clans | Builder Base | Strategy Guide | Loot Guide |

There are only 2 ways of obtaining resources on this base: Mines/Collectors and attacking enemy villages.

Each time you win an attack you get a Win Bonus that is provided by the game. This bonus is calculated on the number of Trophies you have, so nothing is stolen from the enemy base.

This system the players must always fight to get as many Trophies as possible to get better rewards. Dropping cups to easy battles are not worth because you will get less loot.

Loot Cap

You can only get the Win Bonus 3 times a day. That’s it. After that, you battle for Trophies only. This is the biggest frustration on the Builder Base, but after playing the game for a while I came with a few different conclusions on why they did this:

1. Allowing endless attacks for bonus would hurt the main village and/or might be too overwhelming to most Clashers. With this limit, players will come back more often to the Home Village. The cap makes the Builder Base just something else to do on the game, it’s not your primary village.

2. Push Trophies for a better bonus. Yes, now the Dev Team finally found the ultimate reason to make all Clashers battle for cups and not lazy farming. If you can get a bonus only from 3 battles, make it worth it! Make them on a high league to fill up your storages.

3. Three attacks might enough to keep your builder busy every day. With only one builder, 3 attacks a day can provide enough resources to always keep him working. If you need more resources, try to raise your Trophy count as much as you can for better Win Bonus.

Not sure if this justifies the loot cap, but even though I was a big critic of this on the first day, I’m currently able to constantly upgrade my village without spending Gems.

My tactic was simple: I pushed the Trophies as much as possible and I’m getting a fair amount of Win Bonus every day, enough to keep my builder always busy.


This was a big frustration at first, but playing for a while changed my mind. The reason? This is not your Home Village, you don’t really need 5 builders.

There are fewer buildings and the construction time is much faster. Instead of waiting 10 days for an upgrade, now they usually take only a few hours.

I’m a huge Boom Beach fan, so I was already familiar with this approach. Fewer buildings, smaller timers, fewer builders. It’s an interesting approach, it’s not better or worse than the 6 builders from the main village, it’s just different.


Although not really strong now, there is a small connection between the villages. You will be able to Gear Up some defenses on your Home Village once you have a strong enough Builder Base. Can’t wait to see where this is going!

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