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• With fewer troops on the Army Camp, traps are much more important on the Builder Base compared Home Village.

• Capable of killing troops instantly, the Spring Trap is one of the best defenses on the game. Killing 2 Barbarians instantly on an army of 240 on the Home Village is not a big deal, but 2 Barbarians on an army of 20 is crucial.


• Similar to the Spring Trap, but less powerful, this trap only throws away the troops over a small distance without causing damage.

• Since this trap doesn’t cause damage, you must really focus where they will land. You can find an “x” target when you edit the trap position.

• It’s highly recommended to throw the troops into the Crusher, but just by throwing them to the center of your village, within the range of most defenses, it’s already enough to kill them pretty fast.


• When you place the Walls and Defenses, think about the path the attack troops will take. Giant follow defenses, to create a path and add traps on the way.


• Instead of destroying walls, all ground troops (except the Bomber) will look for best way to reach the defenses.

• Taking advantage of this AI, leaving an open gap on the walls is a very effective tactic to lure troops to the traps. Giants, Barbarians and Archers will always head to the gap on the walls. Place Spring Traps and Mines close to the gap and you can be sure most attackers will end up getting into trouble.


• Once you reach Builder Hall 5, place the Mortar near the center of your village. This defense is currently very strong and has a huge attack radius. Placing near the center is very effective since it will be used on most defenses.

• On Builder Hall 5 the “wall gap” tactics starts to be less important. With the Battle Machine, luring troops into traps doesn’t seem so effective anymore. Many players are choosing more traditional layouts with closed walls.

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