Dark Spell Factory


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Dark Spell Factory is an Army Building where you can create spells using Dark Elixir.


  1. 1. Creating Dark Spells
  2. 2. Upgrading the Dark Spell Factory
  3. 3. Number Available
  4. 4. Upgrade Chart
  5. 5. Upgrade Images

Creating Dark Spells

Dark Spells work just like the regular Elixir Spells, but instead of Elixir, they require Dark Elixir to be created.

There are currently 5 spells you can create with Elixir:

All Elixir spells use 2 housing spaces, except the Clone Spell that uses 4. All Dark Elixir Spells uses 1 housing space.

The production of spells can be accelerated using Gems. For 10 Gems, both Spell Factory and Dark Spell Factory can get a 4x boost.

The Spell Factories can also be accelerated with the Training Potion, who will also boost the Barracks, Dark Barracks and Heroes regeneration time.

Upgrading the Dark Spell Factory

Each upgrade level unlocks one new spell.

While being upgraded you can't start the production of new spells, but the ones already added to the queue can be used and donated.

The number of spells you can add to the queue doesn't change as you level up your Dark Spell Factory. However, the spell storage of Dark Spells and Elixir Spell is the same, so upgrading the regular Spell Factory will increase total queue line of spells.

Number Available

Town Hall Level123456789101112131415
Number Available000000011111111

Upgrade Chart

Clash of Clans HUD
Clash of Clans HUD
Spell(s) Unlocked
Clash of Clans HUD
Spell Storage Capacity
Clash of Clans HUD
Build Cost
Clash of Clans HUD
Build Time
Clash of Clans HUD
Experience Gained
Clash of Clans HUD
Town Hall

Level Required

Clash of Clans HUD
1600Poison Spell1150,0006h1468
2660Earthquake Spell1300,00018h2548
3720Haste Spell1600,0002d4159
4780Skeleton Spell11,200,0004d5879
5840Bat Spell12,500,0006d72010

Upgrade Images

Level 1Level 2
Clash of Clans | Dark Spell Factory | Level 1
Clash of Clans | Dark Spell Factory | Level 2
Level 3Level 4
Clash of Clans | Dark Spell Factory | Level 3
Clash of Clans | Dark Spell Factory | Level 4
Level 5
Clash of Clans | Dark Spell Factory | Level 5