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• Hey Clashers! Welcome to the most used, to super, the amazing, the TOTALLY insane… BARCH!


- Archers.

- Barbarians.

- That’s it! :)


• As you probably notice by the formation, this is a very simple attack. So is it lame? Not at all! Every attack has a true purpose on this game, and this is the one that will make your life easier. The reason? This is the best farming attack… ever!

• Yes, this is the best farming formation you will ever find for 3 reasons:

1. It’s fast. Really fast. You can attack non-stop forever.

2. It’s cheap. You will be able to accumulate tons of Elixir.

3. Doesn’t use Dark Elixir. This is very important if you want to upgrade your Heroes.


• The secret here is not the formation, it’s how you use it. Obviously this is not a formation to win battles and Trophy push. This is a simple formation to attack Inactive Bases, Collectors, Drills and Mines outside the villages, especially on lower levels.

• You might not win the Loot Bonus, but you will always steal *something*. Even if it’s not that much, it will easily be more than what you have spent to build your army, so it’s very easy to make a profit.

• Before attacking, always add more Archers and Barbarians to your Barracks. Once you finish the attack, you will probably have an entire army ready to attack again, so you don’t have to boost the Barrack with Gems. You can actually attack non-stop with this formation.


• Barch is more than just a formation, it’s a concept. It’s the idea that you don’t have to worry about winning the battle. The actual victory is to steal resources, keep all your builders busy and upgrade your base as fast as possible.

• As you progress on the game you will need more firepower to destroy better villages, so you can customize this formation. Start by adding Giants to distract Mortars and Wizard Towers. Later on, add some Wall Breakers to make it easier to invade the village. Later, take some Wizards with you to add some great firepower!