TH 14: Yeti + Super Wizard Attack


December 2020 Update Sneak Peek #5:


  1. 1. Army Composition
    1. 1.1. Main Army
    2. 1.2. Spells
    3. 1.3. Clan Castle
    4. 1.4. Pets
  2. 2. Planning Your Attack
  3. 3. Warden Charge
  4. 4. Main Attack- Yeti and Super Wizards
  5. 5. Kill Clan Castle Troops
  6. 6. 100%
  7. 7. Pros
  8. 8. Cons
  9. 9. Verdict

Army Composition


Main Army


Clan Castle


Planning Your Attack

The Town Hall is placed at the top of the base, protected with Clan Castle, and X-bows. These types of bases with a lot of compartments are hard for ground attacks without Jump Spells. So make sure you take advantage of Jump Spells.

To avoid heavy damage, you should attack from the opposite side of Town Hall not to get sucked into the Giga Poison

That is why we are using Battle Blimp to save the troops from the Poison.

Warden Charge


Test for Seeking Air Mines with a Balloon before starting Grand Warden charge. The Grand Warden, with his long-range, can make a funnel on one side to make a clear path for the troops to follow into the base.

Another advantage of Grand Warden Charge is you don't have to expend too many troops for funneling.

Remember to start the attack on or before the clock hits the two-minute mark to avoid time-fail issues.

Main Attack- Yeti and Super Wizards

Deploy the troops near the Grand Warden aura to make him follow them. Otherwise, Warden will stray off from the troops and attack on his own, wasting his ability and Healers.

Release Archer Queen and Barbarian King along with the Yetis, Super Wizards, and Witches. Save the Royal Champion for later. Use Rage and Jump spells as and when you need.


Send the Battle Blimp towards the Town Hall and use the Eternal Tome ability to protect the Blimp and Troops within the aura. Check whether the Air Sweepers are facing the Battle Blimp and freeze them.

Use Rage Spell on Yeti bomb to take down the Town Hall quickly.

After the Town Hall is destroyed, deploy Royal Champion. In this attack, the Royal Champion is sent to assist the troops and heroes.


Kill Clan Castle Troops

By the time Battle Blimp reaches the Town Hall, the enemy troops have come out from Clan Castle. Here, three Ice Golems have come out and can slow down the attack. So, use a Poison Spell to kill them quickly.



Make sure to follow the above steps to three-star most of the Town Hall 14 bases. Feel free to modify the army composition or any aspect of the strategy to suit your requirements.


The Witch spawning skeletons, Super Wizard's chaining effect, and Yetimites have enough power to destroy any Town Hall.

Moreover, You don’t even need Head Hunters to kill the Heroes because all the troops can attack them, unlike Hog Riders.


Sometimes, The Warden Charge may take up more time than necessary and will result in time-fail. So, start the attack as early as possible.


Even if you make a mistake with this strategy, you still can two-star with a percentage of around 60-90. That’s a win-win in Legend Leagues and Clan Wars.